August 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in August 2023.


Cover of After Dinner Conversation with an image of a white man in a mask and gloves reaching toward the viewer, and a hand in the foreground.After Dinner Conversation | August 2023

Featuring fiction by Kathryn LeMon, Kelly Piner, Ishan Dylan, Charles Williams, and Hilary Ayshford.





Abstract painting with mottled gray, orange, and green swathes.Another Chicago Magazine | August 2023

Featuring fiction by Elizabeth Lukács Chesla and poetry by Glen Armstrong and Alexandria Hutton.





Cover of Arboreal Literary Magazine featuring an illustration of a person in a full oxygen suit floating in the ocean in a donut.Arboreal Literary Magazine | Issue 3: Illusion

Featuring poetry by Sarah A. Foote and Tanya Fenkell, fiction by James P. Stuart, and nonfiction by Telaina Eriksen.





Cover of Chestnut Review featuring an abstract image of gold and green and blue swirls.Chestnut Review | Volume 5, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Cody Smith and flash fiction by Erin Vachon and Exodus Brownlow.






Cover of The Closed Eye Open: Ripples on the Pond: Meditation, featuring a line drawing of a person with short dark hair cupping their chin in their hand.The Closed Eye Open | Ripples on the Pond: Meditation

Featuring art by Martha Clarkson and poetry by Mitch Rayes, Kimberly Madura, and Brook Bhagat.





Cover of Dracula Beyond Stoker, featuring an illustration of a blonde woman in pearls and a white dress emerging from a coffin with blood running down her chin.Dracula Beyond Stoker | Issue 2.5

Featuring a classic horror reprint by Ralph Milne Farley, illustrated by C. C. Senf.






Cover of Epistemic Literary, Issue 1: Food, featuring a photograph taken from above of a place setting with two grain bowls and an avocado, and the Epistemic Literary logo in the bottom left corner.Epistemic Literary | Issue 1: Food

Featuring fiction by Zary Fekete and Jadi Campbell, and poetry by Nida Mubaraki and Genesis Castello.




Cover of The Hopkins Review, Volume 16, Issue 3, featuring a stylized illustration of farmland seen from above.The Hopkins Review | Volume 16, Issue 3

Featuring fiction by Vauhini Vara and a special folio on walking with poetry by Claudia Rankine and nonfiction by Petra Kuppers and Jules Gill-Peterson.





Cover of The Hudson Review, featuring the logo on red, a gold seal, and the table of contents.The Hudson Review | Summer 2023

Featuring fiction by Cary Holladay, nonfiction by Karl Kirchwey, and poetry by Kevin Hart and Maurya Simon.






Cover of Lucky Jefferson: Discover Beaverton, featuring a stylized green map of a town.Lucky Jefferson | Issue 11: Discover Beaverton

Featuring poetry by Rodney Wilder and Rhienna Guedry, nonfiction by April Hernandez, and art by Marie Queen.






Cover of The MacGuffin, featuring an image of people gathered under a light in the forest at night.The MacGuffin | Volume 39, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Karen Marker and Laura Grace Weldon, and fiction by Gracjan Kraszewski and Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt.





Cover of Ninth Letter 20.1 with dark gray text on a black background.Ninth Letter | Volume 20, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Ruth Awad and Chelsea Dingman, fiction by Lena Valencia and Neal Hammons, and nonfiction by Louise Ling Edwards.





Cover of Red Ogre Review, featuring a graphic of a seated ogre in lace-up shoes and white text on a red background.Red Ogre Review | Issue 19

Featuring art by Sylvia Santiago and poetry by Jack Bedell, Sheila Black, and Sara Dobbie.




Logo for SoFloPoJo: South Florida Poetry Journal on a swirling red and green background.SoFloPoJo: South Florida Poetry Journal | Issue 30

Featuring poetry by Yalda Al-Ani and Jason R. Montgomery, and fiction by Koss and Pamela Painter.




Banner image for Southland Alibi featuring several line drawings on a yellow background.Southland Alibi | August 2023

Featuring poetry by Adaobi Ugoagu and Gary Leising, fiction by Nathan Sena, and art by Jim Zola.




Cover of Tahoma Literary Review, featuring a charcoal drawing of a monkey riding on a person's shoulders, on a yellow background.Tahoma Literary Review | Issue 25

Featuring fiction by Tove Black and Atreyee Gupta, nonfiction by Lauren Fath and Keegan Lawler, and poetry by Urvashi Bahuguna and Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer.





Words Without Borders | August 2023

Featuring fiction by Han Song, translated from the Chinese by Carson Ramsdell, and poetry by Mariana Spada, translated from the Spanish by Robin Myers.




Wallpaper-like pattern of blue and green and white flowers and leaves with "Yugen Quest Review" in white text.Yugen Quest Review | In the Light of Love

Featuring poetry by Rakesh Chandra, Jennifer Gurney, Gaurav Gupta, and Barbara Anna Gaiardoni, and art by Sonali Pattnaik.