Books Launching in February 2024

Support independent literary publishers by picking a read from the list below, which features new books forthcoming in February 2024 from CLMP members.


Blue and green cover of If All the World and Love Were Young by Stephen SextonIf All the World and Love Were Young by Stephen Sexton

Wake Forest University Press | February 1, 2024

In this debut poetry collection, “the video games of his childhood are once again a way to slip through the looking glass; to be in two places at once; to be two people at once.”




Tarot card–like cover of Cheryl's Destinies by Stephen SextonCheryl’s Destinies by Stephen Sexton

Wake Forest University Press | February 1, 2024

This poetry collection is a “thrillingly strange exploration of the comfort of the fantastical when the real is hard to bear.”




Cover of Studio of the Voice featuring a figurine of a woman in a red bathing suit and cap.Studio of the Voice by Marcia Aldrich

Wandering Aengus Press | February 1, 2024

In these essays, Aldrich “invites readers along for a personal exploration of women’s lives, the complicated love of mothers for daughters and of daughters for mothers, slinky blue dresses and sultry red lipstick, Hollywood beauties and the stories we tell about them.”




Cover of Salt featuring a drawing of a white car against white mountains on a blue background.Salt by Adriana Riva

Translated from the Spanish by Denise Kripper

Veliz Books | February 1, 2024

This debut novel “explores daughterhood and unearths a family’s intricate past and secretive present.”




Cover of BRID featuring a childlike drawing of a bird against a blue sky.Brid by Lauren Shapiro

Veliz Books | February 1, 2024

This poetry collection “explores motherhood, the dissolution of a marriage, and grief through the lens of a shrinking pandemic space.”




Cover of A Domestic Lookbook featuring a collage dress.A Domestic Lookbook by JoAnne McFarland

Grid Books | February 6, 2024

In this multimedia collection, McFarland “writes in conversation with the text of Malinda Russell’s A Domestic Cook Book, the first known cookbook published by a Black woman in the United States.”




Cover of That Pinson Girl featuring roses against a yellowgreen background.That Pinson Girl by Gerry Wilson

Regal House Publishing | February 6, 2024

Wilson’s novel is “told against the backdrop of the deprivation of World War I, the tragedies of the influenza epidemic, and the burden of generations of betrayal.”




Cover of Midwatch featuring an upsidedown silhouetted ship against a blue background.Midwatch by Jillian Danback-McGhan

Split/Lip Press | February 6, 2024

In this debut short fiction collection, “women service members confront a world that treats their military service as spectacle.”




Cover of Glitter Road featuring rainbow swirls in muted tones.Glitter Road by January Gill O’Neil

CavanKerry Press | February 6, 2024

These poems “reclaim the vulnerable, intimate parts of a life in transition and celebrate womanhood through awakenings, landscapes, meanders, and possibilities.”




Cover of The Bones That Map Us featuring pink and blue plates on a gray table.The Bones That Map Us by Maggie Rue Hess

Belle Point Press | February 6, 2024

This poetry chapbook “embodies an intimate yet understated world of grief.”




Cover of Home Movies with a gradient of red to yellow bars.Home Movies by Michael Wheaton

Fonograf Editions | February 6, 2024

This debut chapbook “is an essay about the day-to-day realities and unrealities of its author’s hypermediated consumer life as a teacher and parent in Orlando, Florida.”




Cover of Trondheim featuring silhouettes of people walking across the bottom.Trondheim by Cormac James

Bellevue Literary Press | February 6, 2024

In James’s novel, “a son’s collapse pulls his two mothers together and apart.”




Cover of Corey Fah Does Social Mobility.Corey Fah Does Social Mobility by Isabel Waidner

Graywolf Press | February 6, 2024

Waidner’s novel “is about coming into one’s own, the labor of love, the tendency of history to repeat itself, and what ensues when a large amount of cultural capital is suddenly deposited in a place it has never been before.”




Cover of Songs for All Souls featuring confetti-like red and blue shapes.Songs for All Souls by Norbert Krapf

Fernwood Press | February 6, 2024

Krapf’s poems “become a source of solace, a conduit for unburdening sorrow, hurt, and even anger, fostering a profound sense of peace and joy through the act of prayer.”




Sweet Malida: Memories of a Bene Israel Woman by Zilka Joseph

Mayapple Press | February 6, 2024

In these poems Joseph “launches on an imaginative journey, delving into the history, especially the food and culinary customs of this small community of Indian Jews.”




Cover of Pale Shadows featuring dried yellow flowers.Pale Shadows by Dominique Fortier 

Translated from the French by Rhonda Mullins

Coach House Books | February 6, 2024

This novel tells “the story of the trio of women who brought the first collection of Emily Dickinson’s poems out of the shadows.”




Cover of Fling Diction featuring white cut-out kissing figures on a red field.Fling Diction by Frances Cannon

Green Writers Press | February 7, 2024

Fling Diction is “a book about the vulnerability of desire; these poems explore different styles of relationships, including queer love, polyamory, familial drama, dog and human companionship, and longing in isolation.”




Full of Eyes Within by Jaye Nasir

The Fabulist | February 8, 2024

Full of Eyes Within is “a haunting parable of society’s brutal neglect of the precious and sacred in our midst.”




Cover of the Weird Sister Collection with illustrated gemstones on a black and cream field.The Weird Sister Collection: Writing at the Intersections of Feminism, Literature, and Pop Culture

Feminist Press | February 13, 2024

Edited by Marisa Crawford, this collection features essays that “link contemporary feminism to literature and pop culture.”




Cover of Study in Hysteria featuring a silhouetted figure covered in flowers.Study in Hysteria by Kathleen Collins

Vine Leaves Press | February 13, 2024

The protagonist in this novel “contends with a clandestine and unlikely friendship, a worrisome health scare, a domineering and philandering psychiatrist husband or her own distant daughter.”




Cover of Song of My Softening featuring a topless Black woman in a gold skirt pictured from behind.Song of My Softening by Omotara James

Alice James Books | February 13, 2024

Song of My Softening “studies the ever-changing relationship with oneself, while also investigating the relationship that the world and nation has with Black queerness.”




Cover of Big Mall featuring a pink-toned photograph of people shopping.Big Mall: Shopping for Meaning by Kate Black

Coach House Books | February 13, 2024

According to Ziya Tong, “Big Mall is a smart, sentimental, and perspective-shifting look at the outsized role that big malls play in modern life.”




Cover of A Dangerous Country with orange text on a white field.A Dangerous Country: An American Elegy by Ron Kovic

Akashic Books | February 13, 2024

Kovic “completes his Vietnam Trilogy with this poignant, inspiring, and deeply personal elegy to America.”




Cover of Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit featuring an abstract illustration of a window.Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit by Aisha Sabatini Sloan

Graywolf Press | February 20, 2024

Sloan’s book is “an electric essay collection about Blackness, art, and dreaming of new possibilities in a time of constriction.”




Cover of This New Dark featuring an anatomical drawing of a neck on a purple background.This New Dark by Chase Dearinger

Belle Point Press | February 20, 2024

This debut novel “explores the haunted, broken hills of eastern Oklahoma, where over the course of just two cold days in November, the residents of Seven Suns will each face their own kind of weird.”




Cover of The Maroons featuring a white broken chain on a gray background.The Maroons by Louis Timagène Houat

Translated from the French by Aqiil Gopee and Jeffrey Diteman

Restless Books | February 20, 2024

The only known novel by Black abolitionist and political exile Louis Timagène Houat, The Maroons is “a fervid account of slavery and escape on nineteenth-century Réunion Island.”




Cover of Keith Althaus New and Selected Poems featuring a painting of a house against a gray sky.Keith Althaus: New & Selected Poems by Keith Althaus

Grid Books | February 20, 2024

According to John Skoyles, Althaus’s “moral center, perfect ear and ability to summon the infinite from the everyday, are in full display here in poems that show the range and depth of his career.”




Cover of She Who Sees the World featuring a photograph of a bird skull.She Who Sees The World by Christine Morro

Middle Creek Publishing | February 20, 2024

In this chapbook, Morro “weaves words of landscape, flora & fauna to encapsulate the experience, the eternal wisdom that  a place of such raw beauty can confer on the human psyche and spirit.”




Cover of Traces featuring a grayscale photograph of a desert.Traces: Sand and Snow in Symbiosis

Translated from the French and Arabic by Max de Montaigne and Mohamed Abdellahi Ould BABAH E. Horma Abdeljelil

Middle Creek Publishing | February 20, 2024

Edited by Jeffrey A. Lockwood and Mohamed Abdellahi Ould BABAH E. Horma Abdeljelil, this collection features ekphrastic poetry by various Anglophone and Arabaphone poets “to capture the ephemeral yet enduring essence of our passage.”




Cover of About Uncle featuring an upside-down and color-inverted photograph of a person.About Uncle by Rebecca Gisler

Translated from the French by Jordan Stump

Two Lines Press | February 20, 2024

Gisler’s debut novel, “set against our increasingly disjointed world, welcomes readers into a home of shut-ins as cozy as it is claustrophobic.”




Cover of Blue Notes featuring a red illustration of flowers arranged like a heart on a blue background.Blue Notes by Anne Cathrine Bomann

Translated from the Danish by Caroline Waight

Book*hug Press | February 22, 2024

This novel is “a literary thriller about grief, love, science, and societal norms.”




Cover of Survived By featuring a blue shell.Survived By: An Atlas of Disappearance by Stephanie Niu

Host Publications | February 24, 2024

These poems “collect fragments of memory to shape an archive of things lost—from the fleeting raptures of childhood to the species nearing and beyond extinction.”




Cover of Falcon in the Dive featuring a red white and blue image of a falcon diving, with a scene of a woman running superimposed.Falcon in the Dive by Leah Angstman

Regal House Publishing | February 27, 2024

For this novel’s protagonist, “the French Revolution is a catalyst for bringing down the corrupt aristocracy and avenging her fallen family, until she unwittingly befriends a high-ranking military nobleman.”




Cover of murmur featuring an anatomical heart made of the repeated title.Murmur by Cameron Barnett

Autumn House Press | February 27, 2024

In his second collection, Barnett “traces a Black man’s lineage through time and space in contemporary America, navigating personal experiences, political hypocrisies, pop culture, social history, astronomy, and language.”




Cover of When the Ocean Flies featuring a cut-out bird over a background of swirling wave patterns.When the Ocean Flies by Heather G. Marshall

Vine Leaves Press | February 27, 2024

In this novel, “what begins as a short trip back to Scotland for a funeral soon becomes a journey that puts adoption, sexuality, and identity on a collision course.”