December 2021 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in December 2021.


Alaska Quarterly Review | Volume 38

Featuring a novella by Kristopher Jansma, short fiction by Mackenzie McGee and Ada Zhang, nonfiction by Jehanne Dubrow and Sara Eliza Johnson, poetry by Felicia Zamora and Dorianne Laux, and more.





Arkana | Issue 11

Featuring poetry by Alyea Pierce and Linda Scheller, fiction by Demetrius A. Buckley, and nonfiction by Janet Kenney.




Black And… | Issue 1

Featuring poetry, photography, digital art, and short fiction “that illustrates the intersectional nature of Blackness.”





Capsule Stories | Winter 2021

Featuring poetry by Skye Wilson and Luciana Francis, fiction by Tomas Baiza and Rachel Kim, and nonfiction by Annie Marhefka and Kalisse L. Van Dellen.





Consequence | Volume 13

Featuring poetry by Tom Sleigh, fiction by Alexis Stratton, nonfiction by Jerri Bell, and visual arts by Serwan Baran.





The Cincinnati Review | Volume 18, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Victoria Chang and Cortney Lamar Charleston, fiction by Lexi J. Lee, and nonfiction by Philip Metres.





The Evergreen Review | Fall/Winter 2021

Featuring short fiction by Chiseche Salome Mibenge, poetry by Cat Fitzpatrick, nonfiction by Megan Milks, an interview with Fluxus artist Robin Kahn, and more.





Gargoyle | Issue 74

Featuring poetry by Nancy Mercado and fiction by Patricia Eakins and Julia Slavin.





The Greensboro Review | Issue 110

Featuring poetry by Dan Albergotti and Tomás Q. Morín and fiction by Whitney Collins and Julie Innis.






HAUS RED | Volume 6

Featuring an essay and case study by Costanza Sciubba Caniglia alongside writing by Julia Lisella, Anna Malina, and Wallpatterns.




Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet | Issue 44

Featuring fiction by Richard Butner, ArLynn Leiber Presser, and Kate Francia; an essay by Raymond J. Barry; and a cooking column by Nicole Kimberling.





New England Review | Volume 42, Issue 4

Featuring fiction by Scott Broker, Samantha Xiao Cody, and G. K. Heart; poetry by Hera Naguib, Ajibola Tolase, and Jake Goldwasser; nonfiction by Jonathan Gleason, Junh Hae Chae, Hanh Hoang; and more.





Novel Slices | Issue 3

Featuring novel excerpts by Jim Hanas, Prarthana J.A., Lucy Ferriss, Rebecca Keller, and Liza Monroy.





Prospectus: A Literary Offering | Issue 5

Featuring poetry by Ramon Jimenez, Lynda Scott Araya, and S. Lauderdale White; fiction by Brianne Savage and Kasey Broekema; creative nonfiction by Norma Gerber; and art by Hyewon Cho.




The Woven Tale Press | Volume 9, Issue 10

Featuring poetry by Corinne Demas and Michael Thurston and nonfiction by Marianna Marlowe.