February 2024 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in February 2024.


Cover of After Dinner Conversation featuring a girl running between hills with papers around her.After Dinner Conversation | February 2024

Featuring fiction by Ely Kane, Noelle Canty, Sarah Archer, C. S. Griffel, Scott Tierney, J. G. Alderburke, and Joanna Michal Hoyt.





Another Chicago MagazineAnother Chicago Magazine | February 2024

Featuring fiction by Kathleen Collins; nonfiction by Emily Mathis; and translations by Jamie Olson, Douglas Cole, and Dick Cluster.




Cover of Cherry Tree featuring a shark above a rubber ducky.Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal at Washington College | Issue 10

Featuring poetry by Diane Seuss and Jubi Arriola-Headley, fiction by K-Ming Chang, and nonfiction by Jane Blunschi.





Cover of Common Ground Review with a splattered rainbow background.Common Ground Review | Fall/Winter 2024

Featuring poetry by Monica Cure and Esther Sadoff, fiction by Katherine Tunning, and nonfiction by Quincy Gray McMichael, Anna Molenaar, and Phil Wilson.





Cover of Compass Rose West featuring blue and red buildings set in the hills.Compass Rose Literary Journal | Volume 1, Issue 4: West

Featuring poetry by Jonathan Chibuike Ukah, Rohan Buettel, and Kory Wells; and art by Jessica Poundstone, Krista Chael, and Nada Romanos Abizaid.





Corvid Queen logo with a silhouette of a crow.Corvid Queen | January 2024

Featuring poetry by Sara Cleto, Brittany Warman, and Rebecca Buchanan; and fiction by Iain Rowan.




Cover of Hopkins Review featuring a man looking through a camera, with the lens reflecting a child's face.The Hopkins Review | Volume 17, Issue 1

Featuring a special guest-edited folio on the “collective lyric ‘I,'” poetry by Marcus Wicker, translations by Chloe Martinez, and fiction by N. Jane Kalu.





Table of Contents of the Hudson ReviewThe Hudson Review | Winter 2024

Featuring poetry by Bruce Beasley and Michele Herman, and nonfiction by Robert Crossley and Dana Gioia.






Cover of The MacGuffin with a photograph of a barn behind hanging laundry.The MacGuffin | Volume 39, Issue 2

Featuring writing by J. Grace, Chris Wiberg, Angie Macri, and Joey Lew.






Cover of Orca featuring a black glaring raven.Orca, A Literary Journal | Issue 15

Featuring poetry by Mea Andrews and Jane Hahn, and fiction by Siamak Vossoughi and Halina Duraj.






Cover of Posit 35 featuring an illustration of a foot tied with a rope.Posit | Issue 35

Featuring poetry by Brian Henry, Stephen Ratcliffe, and Carolyn Oliver.





Red Ogre Review | Issue 22

Featuring poetry by Zoe Davis, criticism by Jones Irwin, and music by Benjamin Fairfield.




SoFloPoJo – South Florida Poetry Journal | Issue 32

Featuring poetry by Denise Duhamel and Ann Pedone, and flash by Tina Barry and Pamela Painter.




The Sun | February 2024

Featuring poetry by Benjamin S. Grossberg, Grady Chambers, and Erin Hoover; nonfiction by Mishele Maron, Brittany Ackerman, and Susan Bruns; fiction by Lucy Tan; and an interview with Wade Graham.




Cover of Swamp Ape Review with illustration of two bats.Swamp Ape Review | Volume 7

Featuring poetry by Michael Chang, fiction by Hisham Bustani and Larry O’Neal, and translations by Thoraya El-Reyyes.





Cover of Tahoma Literary Review featuring illustration of two people on a porch.Tahoma Literary Review | Issue 26

Featuring poetry by Jai Hamid Bashir and Alixen Pham, fiction by Megan Savage and Julie Esther Fisher, and nonfiction by Remi Recchia and Robbie Gamble.






The Wax Paper | Issue 14

Featuring poetry from Miguel Eichelberger and Matt Hart and short pieces by Caroline Maun and Hannah Larrabee.






Cover of Words Without Borders February 2024, featuring speculative, abstract illustrations in metallic purple and green. Words Without Borders | Familiar and Unknown Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Quebec

Featuring an introduction by guest editor Hannah Allen-Shim and speculative fiction by Ariane Gélinas and Ayavi Lake.