January 2024 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in January 2024.


After Dinner Conversation | January 2024

Featuring fiction by C. M. Selbrede, Ian Creasey, Meg Groff, Stuart Pennebaker, R. K. Tilton, Keeley Burmeister, and Sarah Johnson.





Another Chicago MagazineAnother Chicago Magazine | January 2024

Featuring poetry by Paul Hostovsky, fiction by Mason Kisera, and a review by Carol Haggas.




Baltimore Review | Winter 2024

Featuring poetry by Jessica Hammack and Christopher Blackman, nonfiction by Bob Ostertag, and fiction by Mike Cooper and Sophie Klahr.




Burningword Literary Journal | Issue 109

Featuring poetry by Ditta Baron Hoeber and Heather Bourbeau, fiction by S. Frederic Liss and Ashley McCurry, and nonfiction by Richard LeBlond and Caroline N. Simpson.





The Cenacle | Issue 123

Featuring poetry by Judih Weinstein Haggai and Martina Newberry, fiction by Timothy Vilgiate, and nonfiction by Nathan D. Horowitz.




Image from Dark Matter: Women Witnessing featuring the text "Women Witnessing" in white against an image of stones beneath water.Dark Matter: Women Witnessing | Issue 17: Bodies in (and out of) Place Part II

Featuring essays by Michaela Harrison and Deena Metzger, poetry by Nan Seymour, and fiction by JoAnn Hart.




Exposition Review | Flash 405

Featuring winning flash fiction by Jennifer Fliss, Uyen Dang, Nancy Ludmerer, and Tommy Dean.





Grey Hands Literary Magazine | Winter: A Gift You’ve Never Gotten

Featuring nonfiction by Sajad, poetry by Cheryl Williams and Tamisha Macklin-Clark, and fiction by Nick Vasquez.





iō Literary Journal | Volume 4

Featuring poetry by Lucie Pereira, flash nonfiction by Lauriel-Arwen Amoroso and Tunisia Nelson, and art by Kaitlyn Muldez.





The Kenyon Review | Volume 46, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Sara Abou Rashed, Sarah Ghazal Ali, David Joez Villaverde, and Kim Garcia; fiction by K-Ming Chang, Melissa Yancy, and Brian Ma; and nonfiction by Carrie Cogan, Oz Johnson, and Sarah Minor.





LARB Quarterly | Issue 40: Water

Featuring poetry by K. Iver, Vandana Khanna, Dorothea Lasky, and Esther Lin; fiction by Rashed Aqrabawi and Olivia Heal; and nonfiction by Kim Gordon and Terry Nguyen.





Midway Journal | Volume 18, Issue 1 

Featuring poetry by Jen Knox and Maria S. Picone, and fiction by Meg Pokrass.




New England Review  | Volume 44, Issue 4

Featuring writing by emerging writers and translators, including prose by Subraj Singh, Angie Romines, A. J. Rodriguez, and Isabelle Appleton, and poetry by Alison Thumel, Dāshaun Washington, Gerardo Pacheco Matus, Deborah Golub, and Sean Cho A.





A Public Space | Issue 31

Featuring poetry by Timothy Donnelly and Joanna Klink; fiction by Marzia Grillo, Mark Hage, Edward McWhinney, Mahreen Sohail, Corinna Vallianatos, and Kate Walbert; and art by Piero Manzoni.





Quibble Lit | Volume 1: Ripple

Featuring poetry by David Capps and Ruth Towne, fiction by Kirby Wright, and nonfiction by Andrew Batchelor.





Shō Poetry Journal | Issue 4: Winter 2024

Featuring poetry by Laura Villareal, Nathan Xavier Osorio, Stephanie Niu, and Jane Zwart.





The Sun | Issue 577

Featuring poetry by Robert P. Cooke, Robert Cording, and Jared Harél; nonfiction by Wiam El-Tamami, Nicole Graev Lipson, and Dave Zoby; fiction by Lauren Hohle; and an interview with Thor Hanson.




Superpresent | Volume 4, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Nick Flynn and David Kirby, and poetry and nonfiction by Duncan Forbes.





The Taborian | 2024 Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Dee Allen and nonfiction by Paul Hostovsky, Jasmine M. Taylor, and Amari Pleasant.





West Trestle Review | January and February 2024

Featuring poetry by Alejandra Cabezas, Carol Young, and Katie Manning.