May 2024 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in May 2024.


Cover image of Adi Magazine's Issue 19: Disobediences, featuring an abstract illustration of intertwining hands and bodies in red, blue, pink, black, and beige.Adi Magazine | Issue 19: Disobediences

Featuring short fiction by Isha Karki, Lindsay Sproul, Jamie McGhee, and Lucy Zhang.




Cover of After Dinner Conversation's May 2024 issue, featuring an illustration of a person in a pristine white room looking into the face of a humanoid creature with rotting skin.After Dinner Conversation | May 2024

Featuring short fiction by Julia Meinwald, J. B. Polk, Z. D. Dochterman, Patrick Hueller, Maura Morgan, Bradley Greenburg, and James A. Hartley.





Another Chicago Magazine logo, featuring the text "another chicago magazine" and "ACM" in a white speech bubble on a green background.Another Chicago Magazine | May 2024

Featuring poetry by Susan Wan Dolling and Samodh Porawagamage, flash fiction by Thaddeus Rutkowski, and nonfiction by Helena Guerin.




Cover of Boston Review's What Is the State For? issue, featuring an abstract illustration of many faces in red, beige, and black.Boston Review | What Is the State For?

Featuring writing by Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, Thea Riofrancos, Mariame Kaba, and Andrea Ritchie.






Cover of The Cenacle's April 2024 issue, featuring a black and white photo of a person standing on a rocky outcrop looking out at the sea.The Cenacle | Issue 124

Featuring poetry by Martina Reisz Newberry and Jimmy Heffernan, fiction by Timothy Vilgiate, and nonfiction by Charlie Beyer.





Cover of Full Bleed's Issue 7, featuring a couple with a baby in their arms blowing out candles on a dessert.Full Bleed | Issue 7: The Home Issue

Featuring a folio of Ukrainian poetry in translation as well as fiction by John Powers, nonfiction by Sean Murphy, and photography by Tori Ferenc.





Cover of The Hopper's Spring 2024 issue, featuring an illustration of a bird calling from the branch of a maple tree.The Hopper | Issue 9.1

Featuring poetry by Elizabeth Anguamea and Heather Bourbeau, fiction by Mark Brazaitis and Alyssa Crogan, nonfiction by Stefano Buckley and Jolie Kaytes, and visual art by Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer and Samaré Gozal.




The Hudson Review logo, featuring white text on a dark blue background.The Hudson Review | Spring 2024

Featuring essays by Brooke Allen and Dana Gioia, memoir by Victor Brombert, and poetry by David Mason.




Cover image for L'Esprit Literary Review's May 2024 issue, featuring a covered bike path with columns on either side, a lone biker riding away.L’Esprit Literary Review | Issue 4

Featuring fiction by Jaclyn Gilbert and Diane Josefowicz, as well as nonfiction by Paul Verlaine translated from French by Robert Boucheron.





Cover of Lucky Jefferson's Awake, Issue 5: How the West Was Black, featuring a pink and purple illustration of three skeletons with horns and sharp teeth looming over a person in a cowboy hat with a rope coiled in their hand.Lucky Jefferson | Awake, Issue 5: How the West Was Black

Featuring poetry by Chris L. Butler, Adele Nwankwo, and Kei Vough Korede.






The manywor(l) logo, featuring the text "manywor(l)ds" in blue on a white background.manywor(l)ds place | Issue 4

Featuring hybrid work by Addie Tsai, poetry by Evelyn Berry and K. Angel, and visual art by Alannah Guevara.




Cover of the new words press young poets issue, featuring a photo of a person looking out at the reader, a dark turquoise and gold butterfly painted across half their words | young poets, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Ahmad Faisal, Carter Kirby, and Celia McClure-Sikkema.






Cover of Prairie Schooner's Fusion issue, featuring a person wearing a headscarf with many faces on it, looking off to the side and holding their hand up.Prairie Schooner | FUSION 12: Archive

Edited by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha and Siwar Masannat and featuring poetry by Fady Joudah, Marilyn Hacker, Deema K. Shehabi, Natalie Diaz, Cornelius Eady, George Abraham, Linda Hogan, and Summer Farah.




Cover of Radon Journal's Issue 7, featuring an illustration of a person with a planet in the center of their chest squeezing the juice of a star-shaped into their mouth.Radon Journal | Issue 7

Featuring fiction by P. A. Cornell, Akis Linardos, and Elena Sichrovsky, and poetry by Mary Soon Lee, Elis Montgomery, and Susan L. Lin.





South Florida Poetry Journal logo, featuring the journal's name in a white rectangle on top of a yellow rectangle on top of an abstract illustration in green, red, and yellow.South Florida Poetry Journal | Issue 33

Featuring poetry by Don Hogle and Joshua Zeitler, and flash fiction by Sam Moe and Erin Vachon.




Cover of The Sun May 2024 issue, featuring a black and white photo of a child in a suit leaning on a fire hydrant with a piece of bread in his hands.The Sun | May 2024

Featuring essays by Zoë Bossiere, Andrew Gleason, and Stacy Boe Miller; fiction by John Tait; poetry by Jodie Hollander, Chrys Tobey, and Leath Tonino; and an interview with Kliph Nesteroff.




Cover image for Trace Fossils Review Spring 2024 issue, featuring a photo of a girl with butterfly wings on silhouetted against the window she looks out of.Trace Fossils Review | Spring 2024

Featuring poetry by Kimberly Hall and Sonya Wohletz and prose by Michael Thériault and Abbie Langmead.




Cover image of the May 2024 issue of West Trestle Review, featuring an illustration of a person sitting with a flower bouquet in their hands on a purple circular background.West Trestle Review | May 2024

Featuring poetry by Sarah Parmet, Allison Wu, Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, and Rebecca Balcárcel, as well as visual art by Kat Cervantes.




Cover image for Zone 3's May 2024 issue, featuring a black and white illustration of a telephone line with laundry on it, a cityscape in the background.Zone 3 | Volume 38, Issue 2

Featuring nonfiction by Rose McLarney and Robert Eric Shoemaker, poetry by Bohan Gao and Ellen June Wright, and fiction by Francesca Leader and Jyotsna Sreenivasan.