October 2021 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in October 2021.


Allium, A Journal of Poetry & Prose | Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Stephanie Kuehnert, nonfiction by Erica Cavanagh, and poetry by Elaine Equi and Aaron Smith.




Apple Valley Review | Volume 16, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Alaíde Foppa and Daniel Bourne, translation by by Dana Delibovi, flash fiction by Alice Wilson, a novel excerpt by Josh Emmons, and more.






Barrelhouse | Issue 22

Featuring poetry by Tyler Barton, Todd Dillard, and Karla Cordero; nonfiction by Lauren Grodstein; and fiction by Aram Mrjoian.





Bellevue Literary Review | Issue 41

Featuring fiction by Rosaleen Bertolino, Dan Reiter, and Tim Erwin; nonfiction by Estee Ward and Samuel A. Autman, poetry by Edward Hirsch and Constant Laval Williams; art by David Margolis; and more.





The Blue Mountain Review | Issue 23

Featuring work by Faylita Hicks, Victoria Chang, David Shaw, Charlie Jensen, the Edwards sisters, and more.





Brink | Issue 2

Featuring correspondence between Julie Carr and Lisa Olstein, art by Golden, poetry by Vi Khi Nao, fiction by Joni Tevis, and nonfiction by Lynne Nugent.





Burningword Literary Journal | Issue 100

Featuring poetry by Heather Bourbeau and Heath Brougher, fiction by Penny Jackson, and nonfiction by Marlene Olin.





Chestnut Review | Volume 3, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Andrew Krivak, Ahmed Qaid, and Youssef Alaoui; nonfiction by Alyssa Witbeck Alexander; art by Gerrie Paino and Bette Ridgeway; and more.





The Closed Eye Open | Issue 5

Featuring poetry by Melanie DuBose, nonfiction by Tracy Harris and Thomas Willemain, and art by Bill Hanson.





Club Plum Literary Journal | Volume 2, Issue 4

Featuring prose poetry by Vanessa Couto Johnson, flash fiction by Sherry Shahan, and art by Greg MacDonald.





Dark Matter: Women Witnessing | Issue 13: Dead and Alive: Being with Ancestors

Featuring nonfiction by Azul-Valérie Thomé and Miriam Greenspan, poetry by M. L. Smoker and Sandra Alcosser, and more.





Decolonial Passage | October 2021

Featuring poetry by T. Francis Curran and Dee Allen, fiction by Ekow Manuar, and more.




The Dillydoun Review | Issue 9

Featuring short stories by Amita Basu, Byron Lafayette, and Tacheny Perry; flash fiction by Adrienne Marie Barrios, Ben Gartner, and Anna Zwede; poetry by Wayne David Hubbard, Trapper Markelz, and Irene Watson; prose poetry by Emily Benson; nonfiction by Cyndy Cendagorta, Laura Gaddis, and Carla Williams; and more.




The Drift | Issue 5

Featuring essays by Jake Bittle, Sophie Haigney, and Nicholas Whittaker, fiction by Hannah Gold, poetry by Elisa Gonzalez and Greg Nissan.




eMerge | Fall 2021

Featuring poets Bill McCloud and Brianne Grothe and prose by Judy Nickles and photography by Melissa Milton.




Fox Paw Literary | October 2021

Featuring poetry by Caitlyn Cacciatore, creative nonfiction by Nancy Cook, and fiction by Lizzie Lee.




Frogpond | Volume 44, Issue 3

Featuring Frogpond‘s 2020 and 2021 Haiku, Senryu, Haibun Contest and Merit Book Award winners.






kerning | a space for words | Issue 1: Taking A Leap

Featuring creative nonfiction by Elizabeth Garber, poetry by Nicole Cooley and Maria Porges, fiction by Nancy Gerber, and an essay by Linda Buckmaster.





Lampblack | Founders’ Issue (Issue 1)

Featuring fiction by Simeon Marsalis and Ananda Naima Gonzáles and poetry by Cheswayo Mphanza and Attorious Augustin.




Making Waves: a West Michigan Review | Volume 1

Featuring prose by Ellen Lightle, Jennifer Ferderer, and Lynda Fox Blankinship; art by Lynne Haslam, Louis Staeble, Linda Sandow, and Katia Jirankova Levanti; poetry by Barry Matthews, David Jibson, and Garrett Stack; and more.





The Markaz Review | Issue 14: Imprisonment Monthly

Featuring work by Ramzy Baroud, Sara Roy, Anthoney Dimos, Mischa Geracoulis, Claire Berlinski, Jordan Elgrably, Tiyo Attallah Salah-El, Sarah Mirk, Nawal Qasim Baidoun, and India Hixon Radfar.





Midway Journal | Volume 15, Issue 4

Featuring nonfiction by contest winners Anika Fajardo, Emily Kingery, Alexandra Blogier, and Jendi Reiter; art by John Parot; and poetry by Kathy Z. Price.




New England Review | Volume 42, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Shangyang Fang, Tyree Daye, and Sarah Gridley; fiction by Scott Blackwood, Hisham Bustani, and Nicole Cuffy; nonfiction by Jenn Shapland, May-lee Chai, and Leath Tonino; and more.





the other side of hope | Volume 1

Featuring fiction by Qin Sun Stubis and Radhika Maira Tabrez, poetry by Atar Hadari, and nonfiction by Dan Alex.




The Parliament Literary Journal | Masks & Manes

Featuring poetry by Oz Hardwick and Laudenmarc Decamora, art by Lindsey Pucci and Alan Bern, and an ekphrastic contest featuring the musical composition of Marty J.





Phantom Kangaroo | Issue 25

Featuring poetry by Casper Kelly, Judith Serin, and Dennis Maulsby; art by Serge Lecomte; and more.





Posit | Issue 28

Featuring poetry by Kirstin Allio and Nathaniel Rosenthalis and fiction by Marvin Shackelford and Rebecca Pyle.




Ruminate Magazine | Issue 60: At Sea

Featuring poetry by Devon Miller-Duggan, fiction by George Choundas, art by Nicholas Floc’h, an essay by Walter Robinson, and more.





Sciencefictionery | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Brian Garrison & Kim Whysall-Hammond and fiction by Douglas J. Eboch, L. Reed Walton, O. R. Kennett, Amanda Dier, J. D. Harlock, M. E. Harberton, and Michelle Tanh.




Watershed Review | Volume 43, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Robert Krut and Sarah Oso, fiction by Abigail Miles, nonfiction by Julie Pesano, and art by Chris Vaughan.





Words Without Borders | Voices on the Verge: Writing from Southeast Asian Creole Languages

Featuring writing by Magin Mario Balthazaar, Francis C. Macansantos, Nironjini Pillay, Shagina Bhalan, Nadarajan Mudalier, Mahendran Pillay, H. Miguel de Senna Fernandes, and Stefanie Shamila Pillai.