September 2021 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in September 2021.


Aletheia Literary Quarterly | The Labyrinth in the Minotaur

Featuring the announcement of the Aletheia Literary Quarterly Prose Poetry Award shortlist and prose poetry by Christopher Cyrill, Melissa Curran, and Diana Marietta Papas.





American Chordata | Issue 11

Featuring poetry by Elisa Gabbert and Anaïs Duplan, fiction by Jack Gain, and nonfiction by Bria Adimora Godley.





Belmont Story Review | Volume 6: Destination

Featuring nonfiction by Jennifer Furner; fiction by Robert McGuill and Joel Kabot; poetry by Jade Hidle, Jayne Marek, and Mary Alice Dixon; and more.





Bennington Review | Issue 9: The Health of the Sick

Featuring fiction by Michael Bazzett and Kelly Moore, fiction by Lucas Iberico Lozada and Emily Mitchell, nonfiction by Lore Segal and Daniel Barban Levin, film by Candice Wuehle, and more.




Capsule Stories | Autumn 2021 Edition: Dancing with Ghosts

Featuring poetry by Denise Nichole Andrews and Kika Man, fiction by Emily Uduwana and Amy Wang, and nonfiction by Michael Colbert and Kara Knickerbocker.





The Dillydoun Review | Issue 8

Featuring short fiction by Chaya Kahanovitch and Amelia Kleiber, flash fiction by Catherine Chang and Sarah Enamorado, poetry by Genevieve Betts and Matthew James Friday, prose poetry by Steve Gerson and Mary Lynn Reed, nonfiction by Wendy BooydeGraaff and Marco Etheridge, and more.




Emerald City | Issue 4

Featuring work by Adam Berlin, Lorraine Whelan, Bill Gaythwaite, Megan Rilkoff, and Tim Lane.




The Georgia Review | Fall 2021

Featuring essays by Stephanie Burt and Joni Tevis, fiction by Mark Jude Poirier and Aryn Kyle, poetry by Jeffrey Yang and Charles Rzepka, art by Derek Fordjour, reviews by Patrick Pittman and Jacqueline Kari, and more.





Greatest City Diary | Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Kallie Falandays and poetry by Ian Felice and Sayan Aich.





Humana Obscura | Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Luke Levi and Jocelyn Ulevicus and nonfiction by Jason Goldsmith and Waverly Woldemichael.





Kenyon Review | Volume 43, Issue 5

Featuring poetry by Linda Gregerson and Matt Hart, fiction by Marcela Fuentes and Bess Winter, and an essay by Laurie Kutchins.






Literary Mama | July-August 2021

Featuring nonfiction by Lisa Reisig Ferrazzano, fiction by Lori Miller Kase, and poetry by Sarah Dickenson Snyder and Joan Kwon Glass.





Lucky Jefferson | Issue 8: Aria

Featuring dramatic scenes by Kerry Trautman, Cori Diaz, and Hyba Ouazzani—each a continuation of a scene by playwright Ninel Nekay.






The MacGuffin | Volume 37, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Liz N. Clift and Robert Hasselblad, fiction by Gracjan Kraszewski, and nonfiction by Tara Flaherty Guy.





Moida Magazine | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Stuti Pachisia, artwork by Danielle James, and nonfiction by Mary Jacobs.





Passager | Issue 71

Featuring five “Metta” poems from our 2021 Poetry Contest Winner Gail DiMaggio, alongside honorable mentions including Shaheen Dil, Sophia Rivkin, David Sloan, and others.





Passengers Journal | Volume 2, Issue 7

Featuring poetry by Natalie E. Illum and George Burns, prose by Fannie H. Gray and Tomas Baiza, and more.





Please See Me | Issue 8: Rest & Recovery

Featuring creative nonfiction by Jennifer Ng, fiction by Alvaro Adizon, poetry by Megan Joiner and Aremu Adams Adebisi, and more.





Rain Taxi Review of Books | Issue 103

Featuring interviews of Mervyn Taylor and Peter Werbe, essays on Robin Wall Kimmerer and Tessa B. Dick, and more.





Scriptor Press Sampler | Number 19: 2017 Annual

Featuring work published in The Centacle in 2017, including poetry by Martina Newberry and Tamara Miles, a travel journal by Nathan D. Horowitz, and fiction by Algernon Beagle.





The Sun Magazine | Issue 549

Featuring an interview with Margareta Matache on the persecution and perseverance of the Roma, essays by Judy Chow and Sarah Broussard Weaver, fiction by D.T. Lumpkin, a tribute to the late poet Chris Bursk, personal stories by readers on the subject of “bread,” and more.




West Trestle Review | September-October

Featuring poetry by Jeni De La O, Veronica Kornberg, Precious Musa, and Emily Franklin, as well as fiction by Rrashima Swaarup Verma.





Words Without Borders | The Slow Burn of Inner Chaos: Writing from Malaysia

Featuring poetry and prose by Fatimah Busu, Ho Sok Fong, Alis Padasian, Jack Malik, M. Navin, and T. Alias Taib.




The Woven Tale Press | Volume 9, Issue 7

Featuring work by Stephen Campiglio, Megan Staffel, and more.





Yugen Quest Review | Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Bina Sarkar Ellias and Priya Sarukkai Chabria, translation by Abha Iyengar and Taseer Gujral, an essay by Bhavana Nissima, art by Shweta Rao Garg and by Sonali Pattnaik, fiction by Sujatha Mathai, poetry by Lina Krishnan, and more.