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For our Readers: We publish fresh takes, original voices, pieces that provoke, inspire and nourish, and some that are just damn weird. With a library so eclectic—whether you’re a romantic, a bookworm, or a genre junkie looking for an escape from the humdrum—you’ve got a home away from home in BarBar. What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to that one-size-fits-all world that tells you to be a good little straight-ticket-voter, to think what they tell you to. You’re too complex to be boxed in by pop culture expectations, political agendas, corporate ratings, or click-bait fueled algorithms. Join us. Be complex. Be yourself. Be BarBar. For Our Contributors: We derive our name, BarBar from the onomatopoeic word Barbaros, which the ancient Greeks used pejoratively to describe what they considered the unintelligible, uncivilized sounds of foreign tongues. Does this air of condescension sound familiar? Literature has long been imprisoned by prestige and pretension. Locked inside the stuffy halls of Academia, it has suffered vivisection at the hands of those with complacent minds and privileged positions. Well, this is a jailbreak. We’re reclaiming literature and giving it back to you. So, crack the door, let god in, and start writing. Write every day. Write compulsively – with passion. Throw away the formulas and plot diagrams. Give us your voice unfiltered. Let your little bird sing. Be yourself. Be strange. Be honest. Be BarBar.

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Cory Nolan
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essays, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, art, gr_novel
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Submissions Policy - BarBar is genre-fluid. We publish everything from the standards to the experimental, and every genre-bending type in between. Just write it, tag it, and submit it. The only thing important to us is your voice. We want the ideas from left-field, the flash of inspiration at 3 am, the flicker of inspiration on the highway you had to pull over onto the shoulder to scribble down, a slice-of-life, the story you’ve passed around to friends, neighbors, and strangers you’ve passed on the street (regardless of if they liked the story or not), and those chapter excerpts from that epic fantasy masterpiece you’ve been working on for years. We accept many types of submissions, including poetry, fiction, flash fiction, plays, musicals, lyrics, essays, nonfiction, novel excerpts, photography, and art. Our goal is to offer as many avenues as possible for you to have your voice heard. Submission Notes: · We do not accept previously published work. · Simultaneous submissions are fine but please let us know as soon as possible if it is accepted elsewhere. · Due to the frequency at which we publish, writers are free to enter multiple submissions whether in the same category or in several at once. · We do not require cover letters or an artist bio. However, a short bio (written in the 3rd person) including social media handles is encouraged. · Submissions filed by professional coordinating services will not be considered. Format Instructions: · Please submit all written work as a .doc, .docx, or pdf. · We have a soft cap word count of 5000 words for prose. · Poetry submissions should include no more than five poems, all being submitted in a single doc. · Please adhere to standard formatting when submitting prose. After Submission Guide: · Unfortunately, we are unable to provide monetary compensation for accepted submissions (contests excluded) at this time. All proceeds are currently funneled back into BarBar. However, contributors selected for upcoming print editions will receive physical copies of their work. · Expect a response turnaround time of two weeks from the date of submission. For those who elect to receive a personalized review of their submission, please allow an additional week for a response. · Due to the frequency, and variety of submission periods, contributors do not need to wait until they receive a reply before submitting additional work.
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