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Berlinica Publishing LLC is a New York-based publisher that brings books, ebooks, movies on DVD, and CD music from Berlin, Germany, to America. All of our titles are in English or subtitled. The sister company Berlinica Publishing UG is Berlin-based; it published titles about Berlin and Germany in English, as well as in German, or bilingual. Berlinica offers fiction, contemporary titles as well as older ones, and non-fiction, among them classics by Kurt Tucholsky or Egon Erwin Kisch. Our non-fiction program focuses on 20th century Berlin history from World War II to the Wall. Berlinica sees itself as a bridge between Germany and the USA. It cooperates with Transatlantic organizations such as Leo Baeck.

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Eva C. Schweitzer
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We don't have an streamlined submission policy, but author can contact us via our website. We have a contact form, and a lot of people do, not just authors, also translators. Also, as far as historical literature goes, this is something I'm picking myself. However, I have also met potential authors at conferences or cultural events or readings. In that regard, Corona has been a setback as well. I used to make connections and meet potential authors at the German house of NYU and Columbia and also at the Leo Baeck institute, but they are only now going back to in-person. (NYU has not yet). Since translation of books is a big part of our work, I'm also holding an eye out myself for interesting books, especially in Germany. We have a fairly clear profile: The book should have something to do with Berlin, or at least with similar German cultural topics (we had, for instance, a book on Leipzig). We are looking at all genres. If having submission guidelines on our website is a condition, I can put this on.
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ca 30