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Gravity-form, Magazine-press
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Caesura Magazine, established in 2016, is a platform for writing, art, and criticism. We are a forum for ambitious experimentation beyond the schemas of the contemporary art and literary worlds. Our project is devoted to the self-criticism, self-education, and, ultimately, the practical reconstitution of the social context for art. The publishing houses, gallery system, and critical reviews — all that facilitates the production and criticism of art — need to be reconsidered. Our vision goes beyond that of a publication to focus on the entire ecosystem of organizational forms which make art possible. Instead of offering new principles, we want to create space for reflection, a pause, a caesura. Our only ideal is sustaining art’s freedom. Online and in print, we publish poetry, fiction, drama, book reviews, essays, interviews, comics, artists’ portfolios, and music. On our website, approximately 70% of what we publish is literary in nature. Our print issues are likewise first and foremost literary magazines, though visual art is also well represented. Our first print issue (Fall 2021) featured the work of Roberto Calasso, Rosmarie Waldrop, Will Alexander, Robert Kelly, and many younger writers being published for the first time. Programming that supports these publication efforts is broad and includes poetry readings, public fora, gallery exhibitions, lecture courses, critique sessions, film screenings, performances, and a podcast. Our primary audience consists of emerging writers and artists, and we connect them with established practitioners in their fields, literary and art critics, and opportunities for publication and exhibition. Our programming and publishing efforts have a strong pedagogical component and aim to educate our community about the history of literature and art, technique in verbal, visual, and musical composition, and ways of proactively and collaboratively engaging the work of our peers. All of our efforts are public-facing.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
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Austin Carder
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Editor in Chief
Submissions Policy
We have an open submissions policy. Section editors are responsible for reviewing submissions and deciding whether or not to accept them. We do not charge writers to publish their work, and there is no reading fee. More than 80% of the content we publish comes from writers who are not on Caesura’s staff.
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Gravity-form Magazine-press