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Gravity-form, Magazine-press
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Bursting forth from an inside joke, Crow Name is the singular brain(cell) child of Gail Bello and Mel Jones. Its mission: be a fun, creative studio to help all the odds and ends of the world find their place. Having both enjoyed co-editing their alma mater’s online literary journal, Gail and Mel were inspired to create their own space in their collective voice and via the symbolism of their favorite mess of an animal; crows. Crows are known and beloved for bringing their human friends shiny gifts. We at Crow Name see your writing as the most gorgeous bric-a-brac glinting in the sun and we want to share its blinding glory with everyone! In short, we’re a literary magazine, a studio, a blog, and an archive of shiny things. The only thing we have yet to do is actually manage to truly befriend a murder of crows.

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Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram
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Mel Jones
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Submissions Policy
Please note that at this time we cannot offer payment for publication. We hope this changes in the future, but until then, publication in Crow Name is unpaid. Contributors will always, however, receive a high-quality PDF of our magazine for their own printing/admiring/saving pleasure. We are committed to a safe and positive environment for our community. This means that we do not tolerate racist, sexist, bigoted, antisemitic, homo/trans/bi/queer/acephobic, Hinduphobic, Islamaphobic, ableist, violent, or otherwise hateful or discriminatory pieces and practices. Please note that we will not tolerate anyone who submits anything of this nature, and our no-tolerance policy extends to any hateful and/or unsafe practices not listed. We are also committed to making sure people of all different backgrounds and abilities are able to enjoy our site. We encourage people from all different backgrounds to submit. We now accept submissions on a rolling basis, but submissions will be considered based upon the current theme listed above. If we have already announced our decisions for the current theme, your submission will be considered for the next one. Please feel free to re-submit and withdraw. We also accept previously published pieces so long that you, the writer/artist/maker, have full legal rights to the piece. Do: Submit via Microsoft Word or PDF. Submit funky, fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction, poetry, script, comics, podcasts/audio essays, nonfiction, eccentric, playful formatting, art, short film, animation, and anything weird and cool. Submit excerpts. Submit 1-5 pieces at a time, up to 20 pages total. Submit to other magazines, papers, and journals simultaneously (but tell us if you’ve been accepted elsewhere). Submit revisions. Submit art in CMYK color mode, in at least 300 dpi, and in TIFF or PNG files. Submit audio in the MP3 file format, and video in MP4. Don’t: Submit racist, sexist, bigoted, antisemitic, homo/trans/bi/queer/acephobic, Hinduphobic, Islamaphobic, ableist, violent, or otherwise hateful or discriminatory pieces not listed. Try to send something to us via snail-mail (we don’t have an actual address). Send us things that don’t follow our “Do’s” If You’re Accepted: We will send you confirmation of your acceptance or rejection via email. By accepting our acceptance, you give Crow Name permission to publish your work. You will retain all ownership and copyright to your work. We will copy-edit your work, and/or may ask for small revisions. We retain the right to remove any work from our site at any time with or without notification. Otherwise, your work will remain on the website and in our archives for the lifespan of this site. Submit: Please note that submission constitutes an acceptance of our guidelines.
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