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Iron City Magazine is a literary and artistic platform for writers and artists affected by incarceration. Our online and print journal and community events bring to light the lives and stories of human beings often defined solely by their crimes or political positionings. Through publishing art and literature by prisoners, former prisoners, prisoners’ families and friends, correctional staff, and prison volunteers, we accentuate prisoners’ humanity and promote thinking about the prison world.

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Facebook: @ironcitymagazine, Instagram: @ironcitymagazine, Twitter: @ironcitymag, LinkedIn: Iron City Magazine
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"Corri" Cornelia Wells
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Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief
Submissions Policy
Iron City Magazine Submissions Policy We accept submissions of short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, one-act plays, cartoons/comics, graphic stories, and art. Who Can Submit We welcome submissions from current/former prisoners, current/former prison volunteers, family and friends of prisoners, and current/former prison staff. Current/former prisoners may submit work on any topic. Prison volunteers, family, friends, and staff should submit only work on memories, perspectives, or insights related to mass incarceration. How to Submit To accommodate prisoners who do not have computer and/or internet access, we accept both electronic and mail-in submissions. Additionally, we accept both typed and handwritten work. There is no submission fee. Please see the guidelines below for each category. Please use the attached coversheet and include your entire submission in a single email or envelope. Manuscripts and art will be returned only with a self-addressed and stamped envelope or mailing tube. We prefer to receive digital images (jpg, png, pdf) of the original art rather than the art itself, but we will accept either. *In order to be considered for publication, cover letter/consent form must be completed in its entirety. If you do not have access to a copy of the cover sheet, please include a handwritten/typed letter with title, genre, consent to proofreading and/or structure edits, and incarceration status. Payment/Gift for Accepted Work Two contributor copies, prison policy permitting. *Arizona State Prison policy prohibits gifting or paying prisoners with copies. Families and friends may order copies via the website. Prison magazine policies vary by state. Guidelines for All Genres ● We look for quality and originality. Send us your best work—writing and art that are compelling, well crafted, and attentive to detail. We do not accept previously published work. ● Work must not include names or other identifying information of any actual persons who are victims to or guilty of a crime, apart from the author. To increase Iron City Magazine's chances of being allowed into the prisons, please abstain from nudity, graphically depicted violence, and detailed discussion of drug use. ● Please make handwriting legible. Capital and lowercase letters, punctuation, line breaks, and paragraph/stanza spacing must be distinct. (Please DO NOT submit work in ALL CAPS.) ● We do not accept book-length works. Guidelines for Fiction We consider all types of fiction. Flash fiction and short stories are preferred, but stand-alone chapters from longer works are considered. Submit 1 to 3 pieces, up to 30 handwritten pages or 15 typed pages (4,000 words), total. Guidelines for Creative Nonfiction We consider any true story, but memoir (distinct personal episodes or memories) and personal essays are preferred. Tell a good story, but make sure it is factual. Use descriptive details (imagery), paint scenes, provide actions. We will consider brief opinion pieces, argument essays, and humor. Submit 1 to 3 pieces, up to 30 handwritten pages or 15 typed pages (4,000 words), total. Guidelines for Poetry We consider all types of poetry including formal, free-verse, experimental, and prose poetry. Submit 1 to 5 poems, not to exceed 10 pages, total. Poems exceeding 1 page should still be spare and evocative. Guidelines for One-Act Plays Submit 1 or 2 plays. Each play may be up to 30 handwritten pages or 15 typed pages. Guidelines for Cartoons/Comics/Graphic Stories We accept both color and black-and-white graphics and cartoons/comics, but we may be able to print only in black-and-white, depending on funding. Submit up to 2 graphic stories (maximum of 15 pages each) and/or 3 one-page cartoons/comics. Please bear in mind that our printed magazine page size is only 8.5 inches in height by 5.5 inches in width. Stories may be fiction or creative nonfiction/memoir (please specify which). Guidelines for Art We accept both physical and digital artwork. No portraits of celebrities. We prefer quality photographs or digital reproductions of art so as not to risk anyone's art being lost or damaged in the mail, but we will still review original pieces and attempt to return them as feasible. Please submit 1-3 pieces. Include the title, medium, and date created for each submission. Disclaimer Regarding Editorial Process Minor edits to spelling, punctuation, or grammar may be needed. Because communication with prisoners is slow, these edits may be made without consulting the authors. Consent to these edits is voluntary, but not consenting may limit chances of acceptance for publication. Please state on the submission cover sheet whether you do or do not consent to such changes.
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