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(267) 258-9632
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Our mission is to provide opportunities for local communities to represent themselves by telling their stories in their own words. We document stories of local communities because we believe their voices matter in addressing issues of national and global significance. We value these stories as a way for communities to reflect upon and analyze their own experience through literacy and oral performance. We are committed to working with communities, writers, editors and translators to develop strategies that assure these stories will be heard in the larger world.

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University of Virginia
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Steve Parks
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Submissions Policy
Authors should send a formal prospectus that includes a project abstract, a statement on author's qualification for this project, and the need for such a book. Authors may include a sample chapter. Note: Do not send full manuscript. If the New City Editorial Board believes the project fits within the goals of the press, the author will be asked to send 2 copies of the competed manuscript – single sided and unbound. If the full manuscript if favorably reviewed by Editorial Board members, then the manuscript will be sent for outside review – a process which can take up to 8 weeks. The author will receive copies of these reports, minus reviewer information. If the reviewers are generally favorable, the author will be asked to write a response stating how they will respond to any suggestions. The Executive Director then prepares a report for the full board, submitting the reviewer reports and author response, for consideration to the full board, which meet two to four times a year. At that committee meeting, the Editorial Board reviews all materials and decides whether to publish the manuscript. If the manuscript approved for publication, the Executive Director will negotiate a contract with the author, delineating the author's responsibilities (such as obtaining permissions, paying for and obtaining illustrations, and preparing the manuscript and illustrative matter according to Press specifications) and the Press's responsibilities (payment of royalties, registration of copyright, etc.). Once the final manuscript is produced and approved by the Executive Director, the manuscript will be published.
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Dreams and Nightmares