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Not a Pipe Publishing is a small, independent publishing company formed in 2013 and located (fittingly) in Independence, Oregon. Working with groups like the Willamette Writers, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, and Literary Arts, Not a Pipe Publishing is committed to supporting fine literature in our region, but we publish authors from as far away as Wisconsin and Maryland and North Carolina, and we sell books all over the world. Focusing on high quality genre fiction for young adult and adult audiences, Not a Pipe Publishing seeks to both entertain and enlighten readers by bringing diverse voices to the market, engaging in the struggle for human rights, and giving voice to deeper truths best expressed through fiction.

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twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky, Threads
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Benjamin Gorman
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Here's our submissions policy as described on our webpage here: Not a Pipe Publishing is not accepting submissions right now. We accept submission via email only. So that we can properly track your submission, please don’t query by snail mail, phone, in person, or through social media including Twitter or the publisher’s Facebook page. What we’re looking for: Young Adult and Mass Market Genre Fiction (especially if there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist) Fantasy (Got faeries? Witches? Vampires? Elves? We dig it!) Science Fiction Paranormal (Creepy is cool, but if your horror verges on torture-porn, that's not our thing.) Humor (if there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist) Romance (if there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist) We're particularly interested in under-represented characters What we’re not looking for: Military or spy thrillers (unless there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist) Crime novels or detective stories (unless there's a fantasy or sci-fi twist) Religion (unless it's fiction about mythological characters) Excessive violence Anything that promotes racism, religious bigotry, misogyny, or homophobia. (You have the right to your opinions. We have the right to tell you to f--- right off.) Erotica (We don't yuck on your yum. Just not our thing.) Memoir/autobiography (If you're a big enough deal that people are clamoring for your story, you're too big a deal for us. If you aren't, reflect on that before sending anyone your memoir or autobiography.) Biographies Non-Fiction (We don't have the fact-checkers or a big enough liability insurance policy.) Children's Picture Books (Love 'em. Can't afford to print them.) Novellas or short stories (except perhaps in completed novel-length collections) Poetry (We love to read it but don't know how to sell it.) How to submit your email query: Follow these directions carefully or we'll be irritated before we even get to your writing, and neither of us want that. Make sure we publish the kind of project you’ve written. (And we do mean written, past tense. We don't option incomplete manuscripts.) Send an email to [email protected] In the subject line, write QUERY and the title of your novel. This is important. If you forget this, yours may get lost. Address the query letter to our submission editor, Paige Gorman. In the body of the email, include your one page query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript. We love debut authors, so don't let a short publishing resume slow you down, but do let us know if you have anything published already. Letting us know how your novel compares to other books in the Not a Pipe Publishing library shows us you took the time to get to know a bit about us (and, ideally, you've even read some of our books). It's not required to mention our other authors' books in your query letter, but we won't lie; it helps. Please do not add any attachments, including images. Because of virus concerns, any email with an attachment will NOT be opened. We DO accept simultaneous submissions. Because we are a small press just starting to expand our offerings, we are not yet able to pay advances, so if you can sign with a larger company who can offer you an advance on your work, go with our blessing and no hard feelings. If you decide to allow us to publish your novel, we will offer assistance with cover, layout, printing, distribution, press, marketing … everything we can to make you successful (all at zero cost to you), and then we pay higher-than-average royalties. We want to earn your business with our hard work and make you glad to be part of the Not a Pipe Publishing family!
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