Pan-Writers Caravan

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It is an African based literary arts (all genre) caravan advancing word-culture integration/civilization/diversity/beauty among young and established talents through personal essays, fiction, hybrid, poetry, reportage and more.

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Facebook, Twitter
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Anthony Ramstetter, Jr.
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Submissions Policy
Entries will be submitted under the appropriate section of creative work in Submittable with the payment of a small, standard fee of $5 per submission (solely to help finance operating costs, fees & advertising for anthology). Please only send your submission as an attachment in the form of Microsoft Word Document (or: potentially PDF, in the case of Artwork & Visual Poetry) under the appropriate genre form. Although not a strict requirement: it is generally common practice for the subject line of the submission in the Submittable interface to include: Title of Submission by Contributor’s Publication Name (for example: Africa by Mbizo Chirasha). The Submitter will be prompted to include a short biographical summary as a requirement in the Submittable interface. Please note: while the Editors will honor withdrawals of submissions by email & pressing inquiries related to the anthology’s requirements for entrants, anthology submissions by email & paper mail are unacceptable for the purposes of this anthology & will not be received, read or returned back by the editors in any manner. Multiple genres &/or multiple submissions per Submitter will be welcomed, encouraged & thus totally acceptable protocol; however, one will then be required to submit another submission insofar each submission must not exceed the maximum allotment of entries; only one genre entry per Anthology Contributor will generally be accepted for publication, should more than one entry exist & fortunately qualify for inclusion. Finally, there is no guarantee of the Editors’ readership of entries beyond the maximum amount of words or especially number of creative works submitted in an entry which exceeds our maximum requirements, & the Editors reserve the explicit right to leave further word counts of submission entries as unread or otherwise politely inquire for another sufficient payment of $5 per subsequent entry unaccounted for. We are looking for gut-turning, nerve-nudging and heart-tilting writing & creative endeavors. Please send us the most thoughtful & thought provoking versions of your work and only your very best creatively written &/or artistic response to the African Diaspora globally. Please also submit only grammatically polished work that has been carefully proofread & edited for readability, succinctness, and clarity. Deadline for Submissions: August 15, 2023 at 11:59pm, Eastern Daylight Time, United States; No Late Submissions Will Be Accepted. One should sufficiently prepare to submit by the designated submission deadline at the very latest, as late submissions subsequent to the deadline in place cannot be accepted in time for publication; the Editors highly encourage early submission in addition to former as well as current professorial, student, & professional colleagues of the Editors or fellow prospective contributors; however, all submissions will be fully read in concrete, equal standing & deliberation by the Editors, & all submissions will maintain 100% equity for potential acceptance & inclusion in the anthology before readership. Given this thorough readership of entries, the Editors politely request with all due respect for due process of reading the submission in totality to remain patient with our turnaround for Submitters hearing word of acceptance or decline, which we will aim for approximately three months from the end of our submission deadline at the very latest. If you have not heard from the Editors in two months elapsed from submission that your submission is In Progress as current status, do feel free to politely inquire about your submission, & we will do our utmost best to update you upon our general readership progression at that juncture. At heart: non-applicable to a particular submitter’s selection status, you as having a Soul, having a Body, are very much a part of the “musical score” of this anthology, & the Editors & others involved in facilitating this anthology profoundly appreciate your literary education of us: the Editors, your Readers & Admirers, acceptance or respectful decline though it may be. Salute. Bo Mba! Aluta Continua! Together We Rise. Blessings & Namaste. For pressing inquiries to submission status, including withdrawals of entries, as well as publication offers, publicity & promotion possibilities from official & professional avenues: please direct your needs directly with the Anthology Coeditors: Mbizo Chirasha (Africa) at [email protected] Anthony Ramstetter, Jr. (US) at [email protected]
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