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River Mouth is an online poetry review which features 3-6 new poems each month, throughout the calendar year. The poetry editor for RMR is Sarah Stockton, MA. Poems for each issue are selected thematically- not only for their individual qualities but also in conjunction with the other poems chosen for each issue. In other words, how do these poems talk to each other, interact, create more than the sum of their parts through their confluence with each other? Each issue can be considered much like a river mouth, where water comes together with other water* fresh into salt, anadromous to catadromous, to create something new. *to quote Raymond Carver

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twitter, insta @rivermouthrev and Facebook
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Sarah Stockton
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From the site page: Submit Submission Guidelines RMR seeks poetry which celebrates our shared humanity (body) sustains and encourages hope/possibility (mind) and recognizes the beauty of life (spirit). We love poems which identify what makes us most decidedly, imperfectly human in our lives of laughter, anger, joy, grief, and compassion for the pain and suffering of the self, other people, or the planet. Please consider that your poems, if not accepted, may simply have not met the needs of an issue’s particular intersection of poems, rather than because of their individual merit. That being said: RMR will not consider poetry, prose or art which is racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, shaming, or ableist. While anger is a natural part of being human and can be a very valuable component of powerful work when used effectively to dismantle oppression, work which calls for or glories in violence, or otherwise seeks to do harm will not be accepted. SUBMIT: 1-3 poems, all in one single, attached document. Highlight each poetry title in bold, with page breaks in between each poem.
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