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Rock Salt Journal exposes what is left unturned. We celebrate the unusual, but also the usual that masks its depth in familiarity. The unexpected erudition of a fishing boat captain; the hidden subtleties of tree trunk carving. Join our escape or bar the doors and pin our eyelids open. Reveal something hidden in plain sight. Give us a world that we can live in for a minute or 20, this or that, known or unknown. Teach us something new. Don’t let us up to breathe until we’ve lost ourselves in your murk and shadows. Fiction, nonfiction, self, other, humor, or deadpan. We welcome it all, as long as it evokes Northern New England. Rocks, waves, pine trees, and highways, cities and sandbars, trawlers, and buses. If a middle-school English teacher could accuse you of writing Northeastern, we’ll trust her hunch. Join us.

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Jonah Bradenday
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Fiction Editor
Submissions Policy
Please send your submissions (as doc or docx attachments) to [email protected] Include the genre of the work in the subject line (fiction, nonfiction, or visual). For visual art submissions, we accept all reasonable formats, landscape or portrait. We will read and respond to every submission within two months, though probably sooner as reading your work is the fun part here. We accept and encourage simultaneous submissions. If your writing is accepted elsewhere, just let us know, and we’ll withdraw your piece(s). If accepted, your work will appear in digital issues, with the possibility of print down the road. Until we are off the ground, we cannot pay our contributors, but we are not making money either. We have a rolling deadline, so we accept and reject as we go until we have enough material for our first issue. We reserve Electronic Archival rights, but all other rights revert to individual contributors upon publication. Thank you for your patience.
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