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The A3 Press is a place for work that might struggle to find a traditional home, work that's lyrical and intense, perhaps a bit weird, hybrid, experimental. We also welcome work that's traditionally beautiful. We like work that is urgent, that says something about what it's like to be alive at this point in history. Each title receives individual care. We work closely with our writers and artists throughout the editing process to make sure the design, paper, and packaging are relevant to each title. As we do with all our publications, we want The A3 Press' titles to be intriguing objects as well as inspiring and thought-provoking reads.

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Shaun Levin
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Our chapbooks look like maps and are printed on a single sheet of A3 paper (29.7 x 42.0cm, approx, 11.5" x 16.5"). All chapbook submissions need to fit into that format. Do you have a series of poems or short stories, or maybe a long story that can be spread out over several pages? How about a short play in 12 parts or scenes, or even 12 very short plays? Do you have a combination of drawings and short stories? Or poems and photographs? Or maybe 12 drawings or photographs without text that would fit into our A3 map-fold format? We encourage new and intriguing ways of working with the page.
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