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The Thalweg is an annual print literary and art journal focused on work at the intersection of livelihood and landscape. Our collections are heavily interested in place—specifically the artforms that are metabolic products of a livelihood engaged with landscape. Most of our contributors are folks who make their livings outside—ranchers, beekeepers, poets, fisherpeople, hunters, photographers, rangers, educators, land stewards, ecologists, environmental scientists, boatpeople, caretakers, carpenters, farmers, illustrators, climbers, guides, and trail crew. In rural, agricultural, outdoor, and wilderness-based communities, we hope to offer an inclusive, anticolonial, anti-racist space for creative engagement.

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Instagram: @thethalweg
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Dory Athey
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Co-Founder and Managing Editor
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What we publish: We are always seeking short stories, essays, poetry, prose, the first chapter of your sci-fi novel, photographs, prints, illustrations, comic strips, paintings, or any other printable ways you metabolize your experience within wild landscapes. The “theme” of each issue of The Thalweg is the unique alchemy of its group of contributors. We are particularly interested in the following: - Creative work that reflects on wild landscapes and livelihoods - Contributors with a secondary medium who are seeking more opportunities to publish/share that side of their work—are you a scientific illustrator who also writes poetry? Thrilling—send us your poems! - Collections of work, multimedia or single medium. We love publishing a series of poems by one poet. Have more than one painting or photograph to submit? Do it! We’re interested in the spaces between pieces; the way an artist is in conversation with themselves through their pieces. - Your weirdest stuff. Give us surreal maps. Strange plays. Lyric essays. Nature-based flash horror. High concept visual poems. Sheet music. With your submission please include a short bio and photograph that you would like to be represented by (it does not have to be a photograph of you). After your work is submitted, it will be reviewed by a small team of rotating editors. Contributors will be notified within three months of the submission deadline. Submission guidelines: - Written work should be submitted as a .doc, docx., or .pdf - Visual work should be submitted as high resolution (300 dpi) JPEGs, PNGs, or TIFF files. If you’re unable to attach your files, please send them to us via WeTransfer or in a zipped folder at [email protected] A note on our financial structure and ethos: Chosen contributors will be compensated at the time of acceptance with a $50 contributor award. All profits after the cost of production and distribution will also be split evenly among the issue’s contributors. If available, this will be paid out several months after publication. We honor the labor and value of art and writing and are grateful to those who entrust us with their work, and we do our best to monetarily compensate our contributors. We are a small, DIY project founded and run by two seasonal workers, and profit margins in print media are often meager—we are working to secure additional means of financing in order to more fully compensate the labor of your creative work. Our submission season usually runs from late January through late April. The printed issue is usually shipped the following January.
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