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(917) 445-2528
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Vehicle Editions was founded in 1976 by Annabel Lee. Production methods have varied from Xerox ("Quilts" by Barbara Guest) to letterpress ("Airmail Postcards" by Franco Beltrametti) to low-end offset on paper plates ("just let me do it" by Michael Lally) to the best offset printer in the U.S. ("Fast Lanes" by Jayne Anne Phillips with cover and 2-part drawings by Yvonne Jacquette). We publish what others will not publish, for example the discovery of first fiction ("The Traveling Woman" by Roberta Allen and "Counting" by Jayne Anne Phillips) and bad language, radical politics and what some people would call nasty smut ("Train Ride" by Ted Berrigan with cover by Joe Brainard and "A Book of Signs" from The Women's March in Washington DC January 21, 2017 and "Hot and Cold" writing and drawing by Richard Hell made entirely by hand in an edition of 128 on the occasion of an exhibit of Hell's work at Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery). We've done co-publications with ilylali and Brooke Alexander Gallery and uitgeverij in de Knipscheer. What others have said about Vehicle Editions says more than we can say: "Light & Shadow" by Simon Schuchat (cover by Rochelle Kraut): “Simon Schuchat, being a real poet; his poetry doesn’t tell you stuff: It is consciousness. This is a terrific book.”--Kathy Acker "Smithsonian Depositions & Subject to a Film" by Clark Coolidge (cover by the publisher): “Smithsonian Depositions & Subject to a Film are two lengthy tracts, glosses, accumulations… He is one doing something totally provocative & odd to all ears who would be listening right now.”--Anne Waldman "Typings" by Christopher Knowles (includes the text of "Einstein on the Beach"): "...combinations of words and typed designs (the latter formed exclusively of the letter c, his initial) on scrolls of Xerox paper. The texts range from poetry to lists of the top 40 songs on the charts, with frequent repetitions." --John Ashbery

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Annabel Lee
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We ask writers and artists for the work we are interested in publishing.
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between 1 and 6
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