Join the Lit Mag Adoption Catalog

Lit mag publishers, are you interested in joining our Lit Mag Adoption catalog?

Here’s how it works. When teachers register their class with us, their students will subscribe to your magazine (and others) using our secure website. CLMP charges students and forwards their subscription order information to you for fulfillment. When at least six students from a course have subscribed to your magazine, CLMP asks you to enroll the professor in a complementary one-year subscription and contact the professor to schedule a virtual classroom visit.

Lit Mag Adoption is not a textbook distribution service (whew!). Because this program encourages professors and students to treat literary magazines as periodicals, you are not required to guarantee magazines arrive at any particular time. Please encourage professors to have their students purchase individual copies of back issues through your website if they plan to use your magazine as a textbook, rather than teaching their course using a subscription. We will do so as well.

Once you are a part of our active catalog, your publication will be available for professors to adopt. When your publication is adopted, your Lit Mag Adoption contact email address(es) will receive two kinds of correspondence: Fulfill Lit Mag Order and Schedule Course Visit.

One Fulfill Lit Mag Order email goes out for each student who subscribes to your magazine. Each time you receive a new Fulfill Lit Mag Order email, lit mags must do the following:

1. Enroll the student (their name and contact information will be listed in the email) in a standard one-year subscription.

The Schedule Course Visit email goes out when a minimum of 6 students in a particular course have adopted your magazine. Each time you receive a Schedule Course Visit email, lit mags must do the following:

1. Enroll the professor (their name and contact information are listed in the email) in a complementary one-year subscription.
2. Email the professor to set up a virtual classroom visit with one of your editors.

Sound good? If so, apply below. Please note you must be a current CLMP member to join the Lit Mag Adoption catalog.

Apply to Join the Catalog

  • Most magazines in our catalog give students a significant discount, while also bearing in mind CLMP’s $3 processing fee will be deducted from each subscription order.
  • Max. file size: 250 MB.

Please email your questions to [email protected].