April 2022 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in April 2022.


ANMLY | Issue 34

Featuring poetry by Laura Da’ and Adedayo Agarau, fiction by Stephanie King, and translations of work by Miguel Ortiz Rodríguez.





Apple Valley Review | Volume 17, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Jane C. Miller and Lulu Liu, fiction by Péter Moesko translated from the Hungarian by Walter Burgess and Marietta Morry, and nonfiction by Charlotte San Juan.





Bellevue Literary Review | Issue 42

Featuring the winners of the 2022 BLR Prizes: fiction by Nitin K. Ahuja, poetry by Michael M. Weinstein, and nonfiction by Avra Aron.





Bennington Review | Issue 10

Featuring poetry by Leila Chatti, Joanna Klink, and January Gill O’Neil; fiction by Amber Caron and Lee Upton; and nonfiction by Arra Lynn Ross and Thomas Cook.





Burningword Literary Journal | Issue 102

Featuring poetry by Megan Anning, Amy A. Whitcomb, and Paula Reed Nancarrow; fiction by Cheryl Walsh; nonfiction by Brittany Ackerman; and photography by Jaime Greenberg and Connor Doyle.





Buttered Toast | Issue 1

Featuring creative nonfiction by student writers Rose Fitzgerald, and Faryn Klapsis, fiction by Reyna Marshall and Romy Obbard, and poetry by Ian Norwood, Anjel Fierst, Luna Ambrosi, and Halima Dumwe.




Dark Matter: Women Witnessing | Issue 14: Dead and Alive: Being with Ancestors Part 2

Featuring essays by Perdita Finn and Shante’ Sojourn Zenith, fiction by Pamela Booker, and poetry by Kathleen Hellen.





The Dillydoun Review | Issue 15

Featuring short and flash fiction by Wayne McCray, Jessica Mendoza, and Sandra Yauch Benedetto; poetry and prose poetry by Brittney Corrigan, Leslie Dianne, and Benne van der Velde; and nonfiction and flash nonfiction by Elisabeth Preston-Hsu, Mariana Serapicos, and Debbie Hagan.




The Dribble Drabble Review | Anthology: Issues I-V

Featuring issues one through five of the award-winning micofiction magazine The Dribble Drabble Review.





The Dribble Drabble Review | Issue V

Featuring microfiction by Riham Adly, Epiphany Ferrel, Kim Lozano, Kip Knott, Mandira Pattnaik, Niles Reddick, and Teek Spectrum.






Foglifter | Volume 7, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Dare Williams and Frank Ricaurte; prose by Ruth Joffre, T.L. Pavlich, and Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya; hybrid work by C. Quintana; and an interview with Rajiv Mohabir.





The Georgia Review | Volume 76, Issue 1

Featuring writing by SoPoCo Emerging Writer Fellowship winners Tanya Rey, Sadia Hassan, and Aria Curtis; an essay by Thao Nguyen; and poetry by Asa Drake.





Humana Obscura | Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Byron Wilson and Andre Peltier; prose by Tesni Clare and F. Scott Giffin; photography by Melanie Schoeniger, Meg Venter, and Susan G. Sancomb; and artwork by Sasha Jimenez French and Lisa Jean.




Islandia Journal | Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Charlotte Foreman and B.E. Harachandh; prose by Eric King, David Rodriguez, Rosa Sophia Godshall, and Brad Bertelli; and artwork by Lissette Morales and Harold Garcia V.





Lucky Jefferson | Issue 9: Gibberish

Featuring poetry by Maria S. Picone, Paul Hostovsky, Marisa Lin, and more.






The Margins | 随筆 | Zuihitsu

This notebook features twenty-one writers sharing “work created in the spirit of zuihitsu, many of which were written in just a few weeks during early 2022.”





The Markaz Review | Issue 20: Food

Featuring writing about food by Nasser Atta, Yaëlle Azagury, Fari Bradley, Matthew Canfield, David Capps, Jordan Elgrably, Mischa Geracoulis, Philip Grant, Fadi Kattan, Francisco Letelier, and Layla Maghribi.




Orca, A Literary Journal | Issue 10

Featuring writing by Jacob M. Appel, Dennis McFadden, Siamak Vossoughi, Nancy Ludmerer, and sid sibo.





Owl Light | April 2022

Featuring an essay by Derrick Gentry, fiction by Michael Gigadet, poetry by Merton Bartels, and short memoir from Kathy Gearinger.





Red Ogre Review | April 2022

Featuring visual art by Vicente Cayuela and poetry by Lawrence Bridges and Samantha Steiner.




Sinister Wisdom | Issue 124: Deeply Held Beliefs Spiritual/Political Activism of Lesbian Feminists in the South

Featuring nonfiction by Rose Norman, Lorraine Fontana, Merril Mushroom, and Beth York.





Southeast Review | Volume 40, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Steven Espada Dawson and Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, fiction by Lauren Genovesi, and nonfiction by Siavash Saadlou.




Split Rock Review | Issue 18

Featuring poetry by Kimberly Ann Priest, Margo Taft Stever, Satya Dash, Ray Ball, and nonfiction by Kathleen Melin and Tim Bascom.





Tangled Locks Journal | Issue 4

Featuring fiction by Rowan Gladish and Heather Bartos; poetry by Stacey Manos, Jess Munday, and Lisa Delan; and nonfiction by Kate Bird.




Troublemaker Firestarter | Volume 1

Featuring poetry by Allison Whittenberg, Jennifer Schneider, Haydil Henriquez, and Marie Mayingi.




Wordrunner eChapbooks | Up-Ending

Featuring fiction by Nancy Bourne, Frank Diamond, and Fabiana Elisa Martinez; nonfiction by Rachel Cann and Mary Cuffe Perez; and Poetry by Iris Jamahl Dunkle and Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith.