June 2024 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in June 2024.


Cover of After Dinner Conversation June 2024 featuring a shocked older white man and a woman behind him.After Dinner Conversation | June 2024

Featuring fiction by Dustin Grinnell, Christina Tang-Bernas, Laurel Doud, Judith Rypma, Maeve Flanagan, Ashley McCurry, and Viggy Parr Hampton.





Anodyne Magazine | Volume 3

Guest edited by Marion Lougheed and featuring poetry by Dameien Nathaniel.






Another Chicago Magazine logo, featuring the text "another chicago magazine" and "ACM" in a white speech bubble on a green background.Another Chicago Magazine | June 2024

Featuring poetry by Sambhunath Chattopadhyay, translated from the Bengali by Kingshuk Sarkar; fiction by Aaron Kreuter; a graphic recording by Jana Traboulsi; and an interview with Taiyon Coleman.




Cover of The Cincinnati Review featuring several figures standing on a shore connected by a red line.The Cincinnati Review | Volume 21, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Luisa A. Igloria and Catherine Pierce, fiction by Ravi Mangla, and nonfiction by Christine Hale.





Cover of Cool Beans Lit featuring a closeup of a small reflective droplet suspended on a green plant.Cool Beans Lit | Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Ace Boggess and Amanda Hayden; fiction by James Roderick Burns, Luba Burtyk, and Tara Pyfrom; nonfiction by Kenneth Cupp; and art by Katie Hughbanks and David Goodrum.




Cover of Crow Name, Issue 6: Orange, Yellow, featuring orange and yellow paintstrokes.Crow Name | Issue 6: Orange, Yellow

Featuring poetry by Skye Rozario, McKenna Ashlyn, K Weber, and Duncan Tierney, and drama by Robin Ellen Brooks.





Cover of Door = Jar featuring a painterly portrait of a white woman looking up and to her right.Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine | Issue 31

Featuring poetry by Samantha Terrell, Peter Lilly and Eli V. Rahm; fiction by Carrie Esposito and Michael Thériault; nonfiction by Burcu Seyben; drama by Bruce Southers; art by Julia Fennell and Edward Michael Supranowicz; and a book review by Thu Anh Nguyen.




Cover of Exacting Clam, featuring a surrealist image of a child emerging from a can of clams in a garden on the beach.Exacting Clam | Issue 13

Featuring poetry by Richard Kostelanetz and Kurt Luchs, and fiction by George Salis and David Rose.





Cover of Fruitslice, featuring a picture of a white woman with short dark hair and vertically repeating eyes on a red background.Fruitslice | Issue 3: Gay Rights & Gay Wrongs: A Special Pride Edition

Featuring poetry by Caroline Marie Wolff and Hamsa Fae, fiction by René Zadoorian, and nonfiction by Jill Young.





Cover of Humana Obsucra, featuring a blurry image of an ocean beneath a pink sky.Humana Obscura | Issue 9

Featuring poetry by Erich von Hungen and Maria Provenzano, prose by Jeffery Allen Tobin, and art by Amber Lauder and Elle Bruce.





Photograph of a box with several metal and stone items in it.The Keepthings | June 2024

Featuring nonfiction by Mary Holden Thompson and Kate T.





Cover of LONESOME featuring a photograph of a statue of the bottom part of a woman's head.LONESOME | Issue 1: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

Featuring poetry by Bob Holman, Ama Birch, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Penny Arcade, Tara Betts, and Ilka Scobie; art by Mark Manders and Sandra Cinto; interviews with Maria Cornejo and Maria McManus; and music by Melora Creager and Jordan Galland.




Cover of the New England Review, featuring several rainbow iterations of an abstract illustration of a person kneeling in a room.New England Review | Volume 45, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by David Joez Villaverde, Fay Dillof, Emily Pittinos, and Ayokunle Falomo; prose by Lauren Acampora, Ben Miller, Iheoma Nwachukwu, and Cynthia R. Wallace; and a special feature titled “Where On Earth Did You Come From?: Seven South Korean Poets & Their Translators.”




Cover of One Story, featuring the text "The Love Lives of Gods and Ghosts" by Sanjena Sathian.One Story | Issue 314

Featuring the short story “The Love Lives of Gods and Ghosts” by Sanjena Sathian.






Cover of Orca, featuring an image of a mechanical hummingbird.Orca, A Literary Journal | Issue 16

Featuring fiction by Noah Evan Wilson, Emilee Prado, Joel Fishbane, and Linda Woolford.





Cover of Polyphony Lit, featuring a painting of several dancers in blue skirts with their upper bodies obscured by pompoms.Polyphony Lit | Volume 19, Spring Issue

Featuring poetry by Audric Adonteng, Alexander Lee, and Sam Luo, and fiction by Thanisha Chowdhury.





Cover of Ponder Review, featuring a painterly illustration of a red flower.Ponder Review | Volume 8, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Ellen June Wright, drama by Scott Carter Cooper, fiction by Alice McCormick, and nonfiction by Danielle Hayden.





Cover of Radar Poetry, featuring a red-toned illustration of two leaping zebras.Radar Poetry | Issue 39

Featuring poetry by Amanda Auchter, Nicole Callihan, and Cindy King.





Black S logo of Sheila-Na-GigSheila-Na-Gig | Volume 8, Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Jessica Barksdale, Jim Daniels, Judy Kronenfeld, and Richard Allen Taylor.




Cover of Southern Humanities Review June 2024, featuring a painterly painting of well-dressed people beneath umbrellas stepping onto boats.Southern Humanities Review | Volume 57, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Susan Rich and James Davis May, fiction by Taylor De La Peña, and nonfiction by Debra Dean.





Photograph of a white girl in a baseball uniform that reads "Firecrackers," tossing a ball in the air.The Sun | June 2024

Featuring nonfiction by Becky Mandelbaum and John Vurro; fiction by Marian Crotty and Sybil Smith; poetry by Michael Mark, Hayden Saunier, and Angela Voras-Hills; and an interview with Emily Kenway.




Cover of Talking River Review, featuring a photograph of a hawk on a bare tree branch.Talking River Review | Issue 56

Featuring poetry by Ricardo Ruiz and art by the winners of the Student Mobile Photography Contest.





Logo of Terrain.org featuring text in black with a purple dot and a purple and green flower above the text.Terrain.org | Climate Stories in Action Series

Featuring poetry by Isaiah Yonah Back-Gaal, fiction by Selene Ross, and nonfiction by Charlotte Matthews.




Wallpaper-like pattern of blue and green and white flowers and leaves with "Yugen Quest Review" in white text.Yugen Quest Review | June 2024: Singing Summer Showers

Featuring poetry by Richard Doiron, Ambika Talwar, Ampat Koshy, Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi, and Santosh Bakaya; conversations with Amita Paul and Avantika Singh; and book reviews by Smeetha Bhoumik and Satbir Chadha.




ZAUM 28 logo in a yellow, fantasy- or tarot-reminiscent font.Zaum | Issue 28

Featuring poetry by Debasish Mishra and Emma Paris, fiction by Ryan Steel and Dhayana Lamb, and nonfiction by Meg Vlaun.