May 2021 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in May 2021. You can also discover magazine issues launched in April, as well as books launched in May by CLMP members.


Alaska Quarterly Review | Volume 35, Issues 3 & 4

Featuring fiction by JoAnna Novak and Emily Mitchell, nonfiction by Catalina Bode and Nicole Graev Lipson, poetry by Sara Eliza Johnson and Jill Osier, and more.





Apple Valley Review | Volume 16, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Linda K. Sienkiewicz and Katherine Fallon, fiction by Michael Beadle, an essay by Carl Schiffman, a translation from Italian by Zack Rogow, and more.





Arkana | Issue 10

Featuring illustrated narrative by Bom Kim, poems by Sandra So Hee Chi Kim, interviews with Kiese Laymon and Kendra Allen, and more.





Bellevue Literary Review | Issue 40

Featuring the winners of the 2021 Bellevue Literary Review Prizes: Saleem Hue Penny in poetry, Galen Schram in fiction, and Amy V. Blakemore in nonfiction.





The Black Fork Review | Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Mya Alexice, Melissa Crisan, and Christina Gessler; creative nonfiction by Philip Arnold and Serena Burman; fiction by T. L. Beeding and Sean Coolican; and more.




The Cenacle | Issue 115

Featuring poetry by Martina Newberry and Tamara Miles, fiction by Ace Boggess, a travel journal by Nathan D. Horowitz, and more.





The Dillydoun Review | Issue 4

Featuring fiction by Greg Charpentier, Ewa Mazierska, and Mário Santos; poetry by J.P. Amador, Elijah Comas, and Anna Papadopoulos; nonfiction by Christaan Felber and Hailey Neal; and more.




Emerald City | Issue 3

Featuring fiction by Brittany Ackerman, nonfiction by Dante Di Stefano, and more.




The Evergreen Review | Spring/Summer 2021

Featuring nonfiction by Mohamedou Ould Slahi and Ju-Hyun Park, poetry by Celina Su, and fiction by Lewis Nkosi.




Hole In The Head Review | Volume 2, Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Anne Pierson Wiese, Ralph Savarese, and Mildred Barya.





Islandia Journal | Volume 1

Featuring poetry by Ariel Francisco, Connie Mae Oliver, Clayre Benzadon, and P. Scott Cunningham; and prose by Nathaniel Sandler, Von Wise, Susan Falco, and Kristen Soller.





Kenyon Review | Volume 43, Issue 3

Featuring Poetry by Rita Dove and Marianne Chan, fiction by Maureen Langloss and Gina Chung, and nonfiction by Amit Majmudar and Jonathan Gleason.






Levitate Magazine | Issue 5: Alone & Together

Featuring creative nonfiction by Marco Etheridge, quilts by Sharon Kerry-Harlan, poetry by Kathleen Kirk, and fiction by Allison Whittenberg.





The Parliament Literary Journal | Spring 2021: Cravings & Compulsions

Featuring poetry by Yuan Changming, Oz Hardwick, Alan Bern, and more.





Passengers Journal | Volume 2, Issue 5

Featuring poetry by Andreas Fleps, prose by Andreea Ceplinschi, art by Lawrence Bridges, and more.




Posit | Issue 27

Featuring poetry, prose, and visual poetry by Edwin Torres, Zach Savich, Lucy Zhang, and Nance Van Winckel.





The Song Between Our Stars | Volume 1, Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Jane McPhetres Johnson and Kurt Newton, fiction by Mark Tulin, art by Maria Karametou, and more.




The Southern Review | Spring 2021

Featuring poetry by Danusha Laméris, Ae Hee Lee, and Kevin Prufer; prose by Adeniyi Ademoroti, Peter Orner, and Hiroko Oyamada; and more.





Sou’wester | Spring 2021

Featuring poetry by Amy M. Alvarez, Angel C. Dye, Sequoia Maner, and Carmin Wong; fiction by Justin Herrmann, Siew David Hii, RaShell R. Smith-Spears, and Samantha Steiner; and creative nonfiction by Martha Phelan Hayes and Louise Krug.





The Spectacle | Issue 10

Featuring fiction by GennaRose Nethercott, poetry by Rachel Galvin, nonfiction by Akhila Kolisetty, and translation by Robin Myers.



storySouth | Issue 51

Featuring poetry by Dan Albergotti, fiction by Julianna Baggott, nonfiction by Jason Arment, and an interview with Cinelle Barnes by Evan Fackler.





The Sun Magazine | Issue 545

Featuring an interview with biologist Merlin Sheldrake, essays by Anna Hartford and Paula Harris, poetry by David Romtvedt and Karen Whalley, photographs by Michael Galinsky and Sara Feld, and more.





West Trestle Review | May-June 2021

Featuring art by Kelly Cressio-Moeller and poetry by Lynne Thompson, Martha Silano, and Jessica Q. Stark.




Words Without Borders | On the Edge: Writing from Iceland

Featuring fiction and poetry from Iceland, including writing by Thora Hjórleifsdóttir, Fríða Ísberg, and Larissa Kyzer.