May 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in May 2023.


After Dinner Conversation | May 2023

Featuring fiction by donalee Moulton, Jan McCleery, Keith “Doc” Raymond, Lea Pounds, and Julia Edinger.






Arboreal Literary Magazine | Issue 2: Perseverance

Featuring fiction by Theo Czajkowski and poetry by Andy Perrin, Moira Walsh, and Cathryn Shea.






The Cincinnati Review | Volume 20, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by O Thiam Chin, poetry by Chanda Feldman and Dean Rader, and an essay by Holly Goddard Jones.





Conjunctions | Issue 80: Ways of Water

Featuring fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Can Xue, and Allegra Hyde; and poetry by Colin Channer, Cindy Juyoung Ok, and Elizabeth Robinson.





Does It Have Pockets | May 2023

Featuring flash fiction by Tommy Dean, poetry by Zachariah Claypole White, and nonfiction by Keily Blair.





Dracula Beyond Stoker | Issue 2: Renfield

Featuring fiction by Laura Keating, Amelia Mangan, John Kiste, and Kai Holmwood.






Fast Flesh Literary Journal | Issue 5: Bruised

Featuring flash fiction by Richard M. Ankers and Richard Leise, poetry by Brendan Rowland, and art by Ryo Kajitani, Jeremiah Gilbert, and Beaumont Sugar.





The Hopkins Review | Volume 16, Issue 2

Featuring fiction by Ross Showalter, poetry by Tsitsi Ella Jaji and Myronn Hardy, and translation by Armen Davoudian.





Intrepid Times | May 2023

Featuring nonfiction travel writing by Miranda Stolfo and Sophie Holloway.




Jet Fuel Review | Issue 25

Featuring fiction by Jeremy T. Wilson, poetry by Emma Bolden and James Fujinami Moore, and art by Ryoto Matsumoto.





One Story | Issue 301

Featuring the story “Mall of America” by Suzanne Wang.






Porlock | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Karren L. Alenier, Jaswinder Bolina, Amy Gerstler, and Constance Hanstedt.




Quibble | Issue 10

Featuring fiction from Danila Botha, audio poetry from D.S. Black, and nonfiction from Maryann DeLeo.





Shenandoah | Issue 72, Volume 2 

Featuring poetry by Ketsia Ramos, Alejandra Rosa, and üatibirí; flash nonfiction by Amanda Gaines and LaTanya McQueen; and comics by Varvara Pomidor and Alyona Kamyshevskaya.




SoFloPoJo – South Florida Poetry Journal | Issue 29

Featuring poetry by Denise Duhamel, Doug Ramspeck, Jeff Friedman, and Pamela Painter.




Tampa Review | Issue 65

Featuring fiction by Samuel Raphael Barber and Tamas Dobozy and poetry by Jon Davis and Martha McCollough.





 The #TWP Quarterly Lit Zine | Issue 8

Featuring prose by Zunaira F. Gilani, Yuhan T., and Julie H.; and poetry by Vedika Bisaria Srivastava, Sophie Rose Riopel, and Rieth Breed.





Under the Sun | Issue 27

Featuring creative nonfiction by Ren Cedar Fuller, Ana Maria Spagna, Catherine Jagoe, and Steven Church.




Yellow Arrow Journal | Volume 8, Issue 1: Kindling

Guest-edited by Matilda Young and featuring writing by brooklyn baggett, Jessica Berry, Helen Chen, Emily Decker, Zorina Exie Frey, Violeta Garza, and more.