October 2023 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in October 2023.


128 lit logo128 LIT Digital | October 2023

Featuring poetry by Ahmad Almallah and Sep Jung Hak, nonfiction by Najlaa Eltom and Jackie Wang, and translation by Mayada Ibrahim and Megan Sungyoon.




After Dinner Conversation, October 2023, featuring a photograph of a gloved hand reaching upwards for food extended down by another hand.After Dinner Conversation | October 2023

Featuring fiction by Henry McFarland, Richard Pettigrew, Steve Parker, Chad Koch, Rachael Lehmberg, David M. Hoenig, and Jenna Glover.





American Chordata cover featuring a painting of a hand reaching down with a fork toward a meringue held up by another hand.American Chordata | Issue 13

Featuring poetry by Elisa Gonzalez and Sandra Lim, fiction by Kyra Simone and Omari K. Chancellor, nonfiction by Madeleine Mori, and translation by Yana Kane and Kelsi Vanada.





Apple Valley Review Volume 18 Issue 2, featuring a photograph of the entryway of a stone building covered in snow. Apple Valley Review | Volume 18, Issue 2

Featuring fiction by Jackie Sabbagh and poetry by Mickie Kennedy, Eric Roy, and Nadja Küchenmeister.





The ASP Bulletin | Issue 7

Featuring poetry by Michele Evans and Adrian Dallas Frandle, and prose by Avitas B. Carle and Anna Vangala Jones.




Bellevue Literary Review Issue 45: Taking Care, featuring colorful artwork of a human figure holding another’s head.Bellevue Literary Review | Issue 45: Taking Care

Featuring poetry by Richard Blanco and Jen Karetnick, fiction by Abby Seiff, and nonfiction by Sheree L. Greer.





Green cover of Brink Issue 6.Brink | Issue 6: Gravity

Featuring poetry by Alexandria Hall and a hybrid work by Sasha Hom.





Burningword Literary Journal Issue 108 featuring a mustard-yellow cover with the title in white.Burningword Literary Journal | Issue 108

Featuring poetry by Glen A. Mazis and Anne Champion, fiction by Michael Loyd Gray, and nonfiction by Anaïs La Rocca.





Cover of the Chestnut Review featuring an illustration of a mushroom with a face.Chestnut Review | Volume 5, Issue 2

Featuring an interview with Erin Little, poetry by Tyler Raso, prose from Sara Heise Graybeal, and art from Lisa Rigge.





Cleaver Magazine Issue 43 featuring a picture of The Great Wave off Kanagawa and the text “10th Anniversary Year”.Cleaver Magazine | Issue 43

Featuring the winners of Cleaver’s Form & Form-Breaking Poetry Competition, judged by Diane Seuss, including Weijia Pan, Eileen Toomey, and Matt Broomfield.




Conduit Issue 33: Time Being featuring a blue cover with a series of blue clocks. Conduit | Issue 33: Time Being

Featuring poetry by Oksana Maksymchuk, Chris Santiago,  Arisa White, and Dean Young.




Corvid Queen | October 2023

Featuring poetry by Natalie Brandt and fiction by Skyler Melnick, H.J. Henderson, and Vincent Endwell.




The EcoTheo Review, Autumn 2023: The Understory featuring a black and white photograph of light shining upon a pair of shoes in front of closed doors.EcoTheo Review | Autumn 2023: The Understory

Featuring poetry by Tess Taylor, Jacob Shores-Argüello, and Stella Wong.





The Elevation Review, Issue 9: Black as the Ocean featuring black, yellow, and brown waves stacked upon each other under a yellow moon.The Elevation Review | Issue 9: Black as the Ocean

Featuring poetry by Ciara Miller, Ellen June Wright, Regina YC Garcia, and Dana Tenille Weekes.





Frozen Sea | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Benjamin Bartu, Kevin Bertolero, Gardner Dorton, Colin Drohan, Joshua Garcia, Brian Gyamfi, and Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué.




The Keepthings Logo featuring a porcelein kitten with floral headdress and collar.The Keepthings | October 2023

Featuring nonfiction by Pola Russo, Sarah Kilch Gaffney, and Nancy Conyers.





Kitchen Table Quarterly, Autumn 2023, featuring artwork of a hooded figure in blue on a bench in front of an open gate and a willow tree.Kitchen Table Quarterly | Autumn 2023

Featuring nonfiction by Joanna Acevedo and poetry by Grace Freedson-Ribeiro, Holly Guran, and Megan Munger.





Lampblack cover image featuring ilustration of two candy bars or crackers, one labeled "Lab" and one "[our]," surrounded by ants.Lampblack | Issue 3: Labour

Featuring nonfiction by Naomi Jackson, poetry by t’ai freedom ford and Kenny Carroll, and fiction by James Stewart III.




LIBER: A Feminist Review, Volume 2 Issue 3: The 90’s Issue, featuring artwork of two women surrounded by a circle of light.LIBER: A Feminist Review | Volume 2, Issue 3: The ’90s Issue

Featuring poetry by Marilyn French, fiction by Bett Williams, and nonfiction by Catharine Stimpson, Mya Spalter, and Michelle Tea.





New Note Poetry, Autumn 2023, featuring a warped white pattern with rainbow detailing.New Note Poetry | Autumn 2023

Featuring poetry by Kathleen Hellen, August Reynolds, and Jon Davis.





Pinky Thinker Press Issue 10 featuring abstract artwork of pale circles in a blue and purple river lined by thin columns resembling tree trunks.Pinky Thinker Press | Issue 10

Featuring poetry by K. Dulai, photography by Cynthia Gladis, a screendance by Giorgia Ponticello, and flash fiction by Nicole Hebdon.





Quibble Issue 12, outlook/lookoutQuibble Lit | Issue 12: outlook/lookout

Featuring poetry by Mercedes Lawry, fiction by Elizabeth Mercurio and James Roderick Burns, nonfiction by Nicole Jacques.




Radar Poetry Issue 37 featuring a photograph of a young girl playing and jumping in her backyard. Radar Poetry | Issue 37

Featuring poetry by Adrie Rose, Clare Banks, Saba Keramati, and Mónica Gomery.





Rushing Thru the Dark, Autumn 2023, featuring a series of photographs of a sunset sky surrounded by a black border. Rushing Thru the Dark | Autumn 2023

Featuring poetry by Marge Piercy and Arnold Johnston; drama by Cid Andrenelli, Alex Barr, S. M. Stevens, and Margaret Pearce; and art by Mark Clarke and Gerald Uyeno.





Saint Augustine's Magazine logo below a blue and red arched shape like a fountain pen tip.Saint Augustine’s Magazine | Volume 2, Issue 1

Featuring fiction by Sam Kaspar and poetry by Catherine McGuire, Debasish Mishra, and Beth Brown Preston.




Sinister Wisdom | Issue 130: We Teach Sex (to Everyone!)

Featuring writing by Catherine Crouch, Rage Hezekiah, Kimberly Dark, Vi Khi Nao, and Morgan Gwenwald.




Southern Humanities Review, Volume 56, Issue 3, featuring abstract outline drawings of human figures shaded in pink and orange.Southern Humanities Review | Volume 56, Issue 3

Featuring fiction by Judith Dancoff and nonfiction by Amy Benson, as well as the finalists, runners-up, and winner, Samyak Shertok, of the 2023 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize.





Cover of SWING featuring an illustration of a raven.SWING | Issue 1

Featuring poetry by Bruce Bond, Erica Dawson, Maria Hummel, and William Logan; fiction by Lee Conell and William Henry Lewis; and nonfiction by Cecily Parks and Courtney Miller Santo.




Variant Literature | Issue 16

Featuring poetry by Madisen Gummer and Karen Rigby, nonfiction by Joanna Acevedo and Nevada Alde, fiction by Joel Hans and Anna Suszynski, and art by Kimberly Flynn.




Virginia Quarterly Review, Volume 99, Issue 3, featuring an image of a child reading on a dock with a picnic table off to the side.Virginia Quarterly Review | Volume 99, Issue 3

Featuring nonfiction by Peter Bebergal, Nicole Graev Lipson, and J. C. Lee; fiction by Taisia Kitaiskaia, Regina Porter, and Shannon Sanders; and poetry by Tiana Clark, Martín Espada, Nick Flynn, and Marisa Tirado.