September 2022 Roundup of Member Magazines

We’re proud to share this list of literary journals—all members of CLMP—publishing new poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and more in September 2022.


Allium, A Journal of Poetry & Prose | Fall 2022

Featuring poetry by Diamond Forde, Chen Chen, and Rebecca Lehmann; fiction by Barbara Westwood Diehl, and Jasmina Nogo; nonfiction by Susan Nash and Bakul Banerje; translations by Erik Mortenson and Steven and Maja Teref; and more.




American Chordata | Issue 12

Featuring poetry by Wayne Koestenbaum and Karisma Price, fiction by Mariana Villas-Boas, and nonfiction by Cora Lee Womble-Miesner.





American Short Fiction | Issue 76

Featuring fiction by J. Robert Lennon, Manuel Muñoz, Deb Olin Unferth, Justin Taylor, and more.






ANMLY |  Issue 35: Comics

Featuring comics by Yucai Chan, Rachel Krohn, Phillip Dokes, Johnny Damm, and Anastasia Hiorns.





Arc Magazine | Arc Prose Poetry Anthology 2022 

Featuring prose poetry by Peter Johnson, Oz Hardwick, Ron Padgett, Lucy Alexander, and more.





The Blue Mountain Review | September 2022 

Featuring an interview with Richard Blanco, fiction by Joshua Beggs and Tony Hozeny, poetry by Anne Champion and Ellen Bass, essays by Tina Mitchell and Jonathan Odell, and more.





The Cenacle | Issue 120

Featuring poetry by Martina Reisz Newberry and Tamara Miles, fiction by Ace Boggess, and nonfiction by Richard and Charlie Beyer.





Conduit | Democracy: A Grand Experiment

Featuring poetry by Kathleen Rooney, Cate Marvin, Albert Goldbarth, and Serhiy Zhadan.





Five South | Issue 5

Featuring poetry by Lauren Camp and Lisa Raatikainen, fiction by Joshua Thusat and Shannon St. Hilaire, flash fiction by Kathryn Kulpa and Juliette Neil, and more.




The Georgia Review | Volume 76, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Irena Klepfisz, Myronn Hardy, Wendy Guerra, and Dujie Tahat; fiction by Kevin Moffett, Kim Soom, and Sònia Hernández; and more.





Humana Obscura | Issue 5

Featuring poetry by Sienna Taggart, Luke Levi, Joshua St. Claire, and Nicholas Olah.





Islandia Journal | Issue 4

Featuring poetry by Jordan Hill, Lizza Rodriguez, and Stella Santamaria and prose by Joey Hedger, Gary Bremen, and Rebecca Gearhart.





The Markaz Review | Issue 24: BERLIN

Featuring fiction by Ahmed Awny and Shada Mustafa, essays by Viola Shafik and Rasha Abbas, and more.





New England Review | Volume 43, Issue 3

Featuring poetry by Sophie Klahr, D. M. Aderibigbe, and Brian Teare; fiction by Da-Lin, Tabish Khair, and Bradley Bazzle; nonfiction by Angelique Stevens, Skip Horack, and Katie Moulton; and translations of Korean women poets by Suphil Lee Park.





Passager | 2022 Passager Poetry Contest

Featuring poetry and an interview by contest winner David Bergman, as well as poems that received honorable mentions and cover art by Alma Roberts.





Quibble Lit | Issue 4: Muddle

Featuring fiction by J.T. Townley, poetry by Julie Benesh, nonfiction by Kimberly Horg, and more.




Radon Journal | Issue 2

Featuring poetry by Jordan Hirsch and Angel Leal and fiction by Jonathan Olfert and Charlotte Ariel Finn.





Rain Taxi Review of Books | Volume 27, Issue 3

Featuring interviews with Ryan Blacketter and Hillary Leftwich, fiction reviews by Madison Brown and Joe Safdie, poetry reviews by Walter Holland and Eric Aldrich, and more.





Red Ogre Review | September 2022

Featuring poetry by Damen O’Brien and Francine Witte.




Rushing Thru the Dark | Autumn 2022

Featuring drama by Susan Hansell, Joe Cappello, and Sherrie Pesta; poetry by Marge Piercy, Buff Whitman-Bradley, and LindaAnn LoSchiavo; and art by Tim Hildebrandt and Gerald Uyeno.




Share Journal | Issue 32

Featuring poetry by Dianne Mason.





SmokeLong Quarterly | Issue 77

Featuring flash fiction and nonfiction by Janelle Bassett, Erin Vachon, D. Brody Lipton, and more.





SmokeLong Quarterly | A SmokeLong Summer 2022: Special Issue

Featuring flash fiction and nonfiction by Dawn Miller, Shareen K. Murayama, Claudia Monpere and more.





Southeast Review | September Online

Featuring a poem by Mónica Gomery.