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(315) 283-8074
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
aaduna seeks to uncover new and emerging talent; build a relationship with those individuals; work with them to transition their creative ideas to publication, and then offer aaduna artists ongoing support and promotion to enhance their career. The Purpose, Philosophy, & Objectives aaduna seeks creative visionaries who find refuge and their sense of the world within the complexities and ironies of the written word, as well as those compelling visual images, which are lastingly impressionable. aaduna will embrace novice and emerging authors and artists who are seeking to expand, transition, or transform the current landscape of literary and artistic thinking. It invites provocateurs, conceptualists, experimentalists, innovators, as well as traditionalists working within the realm of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and the visual arts (particularly photographers) to submit unpublished work for aaduna’s consideration. Multicultural and pluralistic in its sensibilities and outlook, aaduna fully realizes that creative people of color, especially those individuals yet unpublished, still require appropriate and viable outlets for their work. Therefore, a core aspect ofaaduna is to provide a publication venue for artists of color. In this proactive manner, aaduna will have a preference for talent traditionally denied access to a wide and diverse audience. To complement this primary objective, aaduna welcomes all work that addresses multicultural themes, and bolsters human dignity. aaduna will seek additional platforms for its authors and artists to share their work with audiences who may only be passively engaged in the arts or culture. By establishing viable levels of interaction, aaduna will help lessen the distance between audience and the creative person. In this way, aaduna seeks to broaden literary and artistic awareness; enhance intellectual curiosity, and solidify public support for aaduna’s mission and objectives. aaduna is a collaborative-driven entity. It will develop partnerships between its artists and supporters, and create a vibrant environment where respectful dialogue and discourse is welcome. In doing so, aaduna will develop opportunities for internet-based “town hall” conversations that will bring author/artists closer to the general public, and achieve another important objective, creating a place for, and of, community. Such “gatherings” will enable submitters to benefit from the ideas, constructive critique, and communal support of aaduna’s artists and global readership.

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google
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William E. Berry, Jr.
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CEO, aaduna, Inc./Publisher, aaduna
Submissions Policy
The Process (aaduna only accepts unpublished work) Steps as of September 2017 and thereafter: Step 1. All literary work must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (either .doc or .docx is acceptable) Times New Roman font, 12 font size without any identifying information (name, contact data, e-mail address, date, page numbers etc.) placed on or embedded on the actual submission.) WE DO NOT ACCEPT PDF files and submitters should not embed any page numbers, title of the work, author’s name or any other formatting nuances into the submissions to aaduna. Remove all special formatting from your Word document before attaching it to your email. No headers or footers. You may use page breaks, but do not use section breaks, tables, WordArt or any other special formatting. Mail one copy of your titled 1.5 spaced short story, essay, or self-contained novel excerpt. Please print the work on one side of the page. You may send no more than two pieces of prose. You may submit up to three – five poems at a time. Please set your poem as it should appear in print. Three poems will count as the equivalent of one prose submission. aaduna will no longer consider or review a single poem for a publication decision. We want to see a body of work. Visual artists should forward work that is self-contained and projects a thematic story (at least 12-18 images.) Work must be submitted electronically in jpeg format with high resolution. Videographers must submit their work electronically in MP4 format. Visual artists are limited to one submission/issue {though we have presented an appropriate follow-up exhibition by the same artist in the next or subsequent issue depending on thematic intentions.} Mail your material in a manila sized envelope on or before the submission deadline. You must enclose your full first and last name, a cover letter, author’s bio, and contact information (current mailing address, contact telephone number(s,) and e-mail address) for us to consider your submission. Reviewers do not have access to any submitter’s background info prior to a publication decision. At aaduna, we evaluate the vitality and poignancy of the work and not the submitter’s persona or that person’s background no matter how compelling. Editors receive your name and work only. You may ask us to waive the mailing requirement with an appropriate reason. (See step 2.) Mail submissions to: aaduna 144 Genesee Street Suite 102-259 Auburn, New York 13021 Attention: Submissions Make sure you e-mail ALL of the information that you included in your postal mailing to [email protected] See next step. Step 2. E-mail the same information that you snail mailed to [email protected] Follow the same protocols regarding what and how to submit. Do not submit any work directly to the publisher unless he has specifically asked that you contact him. PLEASE NOTE: If step 1 would prevent you from submitting to aaduna, indicate this fact in your e-mail cover letter and request that aaduna waive this step. However, you must include all other information. aaduna is no longer in the position or organizational stance to consider submissions where the above requirements are not followed. Work submitted in an unacceptable manner will be returned without a read and review. aaduna will not accept work embedded in an e-mail. Send attachments. Please inform us if your work is a simultaneous submission, and note that you will not be treated differently because of this action on your part if you follow all the required protocols. aaduna is sensitive to the dynamics and realities of submitters trying to find a home for their work. Submission Deadlines are as follows: March 14th for the summer issue. July 15th for the fall/winter issue. November 16th for the spring anniversary issue aaduna reserves the right to amend all dates due to unforeseen circumstances, and may notify submitters of its publication decision on a rolling basis. Submitters may contact aaduna via the submissions manager at any time. Email: [email protected]
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http://www.aaduna.org, click on Submissions
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