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(206) 499-3203
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Elevating voices and stories that matter. All She Wrote is a full-service boutique publishing and production company on a mission to amplify the voices of women, non-binary and underrepresented authors. It used to be there was traditional publishing and self-publishing, but the lines between the two are far more murky these days. No matter where you look, it’s starting to seem like like everyone and their mother has a book out! So how could all these people be snagging these coveted publishing deals? The truth is, with all the changes the world of publishing has seen over the years, indie publishing is starting to resemble the Wild West. The only constant the remains is the inequity baked right into the dough of the traditional publishing recipe. While women make up 59 percent of all writers and authors in the United States, and the publishing industry itself is predominately made up of cis women (to the tune of 74 percent, as of 2019) that same representation is not reflected in the reviewing of their work. In today’s publishing landscape, women and nonbinary authors, despite making up a growing share of the marketplace, are still less likely to get reviewed by major media, or snag a hefty advance, than their male counterparts—throw diversity into the mix, and the stats are evermore dismal. At All She Wrote we aim to level the publication playing field for voices from all backgrounds—especially those typically excluded from the traditional publishing world—by giving a platform to authors most underrepresented in the traditional publishing ecosystem. By elevating diverse authors, we’ll create a stronger, ever-evolving landscape representative of the vast array of voices in our world today.

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Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
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Thea Chard
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Founder & Creative Director
Submissions Policy
We accept submissions of manuscript excerpts of up to 25 pages on a rolling basis from women and other underrepresented voices. We do not accept unsolicited full manuscripts at this time.
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