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(214) 810-2183
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Assure Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC connects authors and artists with the world through inspirational and enlightening poetry, fiction, non-fiction, motivational, and educational literature.

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Darius Frasure
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Assure Press connects authors and artists with the world through inspirational and enlightening poetry, non-fiction, motivational, and educational literature that is mostly, but not only, in the English language. Book and Chapbook Manuscript Submissions are accepted year-round. We seek original ideas We publish books of the following genres: Poetry We consider Full Length and/or Chapbook as well as music and lyrics. Fiction Subgenres include Science fiction, Western, Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Detective, Dystopia, Young adult fiction, gothic, horror etc. Nonfiction (and/or Creative Nonfiction Subgenres include Fantasy, Memoir, Biography, Satire, Educational (i.e.Textbook, wellness, faith, self-help etc.) Drama We use the traditional model of publishing; however, we authors may submit manuscripts and proposals directly to us/without an agent. Writers Digest provides some good information for clarification here: The work does not have to be entirely in English Assure Press does not accept manuscripts that have been previously published, in print or online (we do NOT consider self-published books, self-publishing to blogs, message boards, or social media as publication—with respect to this rule—we may accept those). Additionally, manuscripts may contain previously published work inside of them, and if we accept the manuscript, proper acknowledgment of the original publisher will appear in the work. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If the work is accepted elsewhere, just add a note through Submittable. Please withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere. In the case of poetry, if part of your submission has been accepted by another publication, please notify us at [email protected] We do charge a $10 reading fee per general submission (fee waived for subscribers of Iris Literary Journal). Iris is published quarterly in print and ebook. Each journal includes poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and visual art--which includes photography. Some of the work may not be entirely in English. Winter is purple: For this issue, we seek work that creatively addresses wisdom: wit, prudence, astuteness, sense, reason, clear thinking, brains, good judgment, sagacity, understanding, sanity, shrewdness, experience, practical knowledge, carefulness, vigilance, tact, balance, poise, stability, caution, solidity, hardheadedness, savoir-faire. (Open June 15 - Sept 15.) Spring is yellow: For this issue, we seek work that creatively addresses passion: appetite, fancy, favor, like, liking, partiality, preference, relish, taste. craving, crush, desire, infatuation, longing, lust, yearning. ardor, eagerness, enthusiasm, fervor, zeal. (Open August 15 - November 1.) Summer is White: For this issue, we seek work that creatively addresses purity: innocence, idealism, fidelity, goodness, honesty, incorruptibility, integrity, virtuousness. morality, virtue. (Open January 1 - May 1) Fall is Blue: For this issue, we seek work that creatively addresses hope: faith, confidence, trust, credence, belief, credit, assurance, acceptance, expectation, hope, dependence, conviction, sureness, fidelity, loyalty, troth, certainty, surety, allegiance, assent, credulity, certitude, reliance. (Open May 1 - July 1.) The Poetry Issue! For national poetry month, we encourage poets to write and send us work that moves, enlightens or inspires us--in both free verse and traditional forms. (Open April 1 - June 1.) Note: Submission windows are subject to early closure if submissions exceed the maximum number we can consider per issue. Accepted and Published Contributors to Iris Receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears, and a one (1) year subscription to Iris literary journal (up to five issues valued at $50). There is an author discount for purchasing extra copies. Iris acquires first-time North American rights, and the right to reprint in anthologies. After publication, all other rights revert to the author and the work may be reprinted as long as an appropriate acknowledgment to Iris is made. We do charge a $3 reading fee per general submission (fee waived for subscribers). Please know that the submission fee helps us produce the journal.
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