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COALESCE is an emerging story-telling community and organization that focuses on connecting people, fostering empathy, compassion, and understanding through their stories and experiences. Stories are at the center of our human experience, and our stories are important parts of what make us who we are. Divisiveness and fear of difference permeate politics, media, and our everyday lives. What is something that brings people together? Stories. Shared experiences. Hardship. Meaning. How often do you get to share your story - the story of who you are, what you have been through in life, the experiences that have shaped you and how you have grown and changed, your challenges, hopes, fears, and dreams - and had someone truly and deeply listen to you? Through our online publication and (future) workshops, we want to provide that space for you. For all of us. To share our stories. To speak our truth. To be heard. To connect. To understand. To grow closer. To love better. To connect at a deeper level, looking past superficial differences and false assumptions. To see each other and the world with eyes of empathy and compassion.

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Instagram, Twitter
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Erich Keyser
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Founder / Lead Editor
nonfiction, poetry, art
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COALESCE welcomes submissions that share your story through creative non-fiction, poetry, and photo essays. Stories help us better understand each other and ourselves, and in doing so, bring us together. It takes courage to share your story and we want to encourage and empower you to do so. Submission Instructions Following the seasons, we publish a collection of new stories every solstice and equinox. If you are interested in sharing your story with us and want to be considered for our publications, please submit to us through Submittable by our submission deadlines each cycle. Creative non-fiction: You can submit more than one story as long as the maximum length of all stories combined is no more than 5,000 words. Single story submissions should be no more than 5,000 words. Poetry: You can submit up to five (5) poems per submission. Photo essay: Up to 15 photos maximum with required commentary/written essay content for each image or set of images. As for the nitty gritty details: Please use 12-point font Use a standard readable typeface such as Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial, etc. Submit your story as a Word document If submitting a photo essay, please submit a Word document with the commentary assigned to each photo, and your photos as .jpeg, .jpg, or .png We select the stories that we publish based on their creative style, quality of writing, coherence, and engagement of your story and message. If yours is not selected, it does not by any means diminish the importance or value of your personal experience and story. Please feel free to revise and resubmit your story if it is not accepted the first time. While we cannot publish every story we read, we appreciate the opportunity to read your story, and honor it. Reviewer Feedback General submissions without reviewer feedback are always free to submit. If you want reviewer feedback on your submitted piece, we are happy to provide it! We know it can be helpful to have your work go through several sets of eyes. It does take our reviewers more time and energy to provide thoughtful feedback, so there is a small fee for this extra service. There are three types of reviewer feedback that we offer. Line Edit Review ($10) – We will provide track change line edits, focused on wording, grammatical suggestions, sentence structure and organization, and related comments. This feedback costs $10 per reviewer. You can request more than one reviewer to provide feedback. Big Picture Review ($15) – We will provide comments and suggestions around larger ideas of your story: sections that could be expanded, questions to get you thinking differently about how to engage the reader more effectively, comments around the flow of your story and cohesiveness, and so on. This will include in-text comments where necessary, as well as up to one (1) page of single-spaced written feedback. Full Review ($30) – We will provide track change line edits, in-text comments, and a 1-2 single-spaced paragraph summary (or up to a page) of our feedback. This feedback costs $30 per reviewer. You can let us know if you’d like more than one of our reviewers to provide feedback. Expedited 5-Day Response ($5) – If you wish, we offer Expedited Responses. A small fee of $5 will grant you a response within 5 days. If you submit within five days prior to a holiday, we will respond after the holiday. If requesting reviewer feedback, we will automatically consider your piece for acceptance and publication in our upcoming collection, but there are no guarantees. You are encouraged, if not accepted, to revise and resubmit your story again for that same collection or future ones. Your story is important, and at COALESCE, we want people’s stories to be heard and those who read them to be touched and transformed.
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1 - 8 weeks
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