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We love books. Literature matters in today’s world because it lets us explore and share the best of what we think, and who we can be. Good fiction, nonfiction, and poetry grow understanding and imagination, take us into new lives, and show us truths we never knew. For thousands of years, books were how content was shared. Today, C&R Press is pushing into new media, while keeping the best of what always made books great. So we’re looking for talented authors, and poets, both new, and established, whose work we help refine, support, publish and promote. And, through their works, we grow the reading public’s love of reading, writing, crafting, and dreaming. Let other people say that books are dead, that their time is past. Since 2006 we’ve helped writers and readers prove that idea wrong, and twelve years later, we’re still doing it. Long live books!

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Andrew Ibis
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Publisher & Editorial Director
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C&R Press publishes 1 book each from 3 prize categories each year: Poetry, Fiction (novel and short story), and Nonfiction (memoir, creative nonfiction, and essay). The annual prizes award $1,000 and publication in each genre. We announce a short list & long list in each category and all submissions are considered for publication outside of the prize. Prizes open in January and close in September. The particular dates may vary so please check our submittable page or website for confirmation. C&R Press also has open submission periods for full-length books in addition to the prize. Open submissions are read with a different eye, for instance perhaps social impact, experimentation, story, character, emotional connection or style might elevate over the prose. We've recently selected books by and about NYC artists, for example. We open on a periodic basis for the Open Submission category and have two major reading periods (July/Jan). We tend to reply no sooner than 6 months and no later than 12 months after submission, but some books may need more time. Accepted authors receive a standard royalty agreement and 15 copies. C&R looks to publish between 1-3 books outside of the prize each year. C&R Press runs two chapbook prizes each year. The Winter Soup Bowl Chapbook Prize and the Summer Tide Pool. Winter Soupbowl typically opens in Dec and closes in March. Summer Tide Pool typically opens in July and closes in September. Since opening the prizes, we’ve selected 1-3 chaps from each prize. Our website and submittable have more details and dates.
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