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Mission Statement Defunct is a celebration of what is over, & what isn’t yet. We’re mourning. We’re functioning. Let’s show the world what we want & need through what we’ve lost. Punk’s not dead, punk’s not dead. We’re punk. We’re funky. We can be fancy when we want to. Our contributors bring back the dead, salvage the past, reveal their obsessions. We’re interested in questioning functional systems that no longer serve us, and broadcasting voices that have been told they don’t belong. Send us your manifestos, speculations, elegies, reincarnations, ars poeticas, recipes, & what we haven’t realized we want, yet. Enliven us. History From 2010 to 2013 Defunct published eight issues of flash essays about defunct things out of Iowa City, Iowa, run by the students in the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program. The journal went on hiatus for eight years, and is now out of Brooklyn, run by the students in Long Island University’s MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Program. We now publish all genres and lengths.

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Erin Stalcup
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We want to read what you want to write. We want to be shown what’s unique about you. Our mission is to celebrate what works, and discard what is no longer serving us. We want writing that is open, that explores, questions, and challenges. We want work that thinks about what it’s trying to do for others and for the world. Give us work that doesn’t have clear endings or beginnings. We are excited about pieces that exemplify the spirit of nostalgia and curiosity, and especially pieces that go beyond that to explore our current moment. We are working to destroy the cis-heteronormative white-supremacist ableist patriarchy, and want writing that seeks to do that too. We want more queer submissions! More translations from non-European languages! More genre fiction (by that we mean sci-fi, ecofabulism, fantasy, etc.)! We want more essays! We want more genre-bendy things! And we want the people who submit to us to (re)consider the repercussions their work has on those reading it. Your submission will be read by at least two Defunct editors, and because we value the wellbeing of our editors (who in turn value the wellbeing of our readers), we will not read pieces that explicitly harm or attack others. No hate—if you have to ask then it’s probably not allowed. If you are wondering if it needs a trigger warning, then it probably does—and even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t hurt to include one. Specifically, this group of editors would like a head’s up if your work includes sexual, physical, or mental violence; eating disorders or medical trauma; suicide in scene; or abuse of children or animals. We want to be able to give your work the attention it deserves. And we want your pieces to be the length they need to be. So, if they’re quite short, feel free to send us up to five pieces of writing. If your work is longer, please send just one for us to consider. Only one piece per genre at a time, please. Cover letters aren’t required, but are welcome. If you send a cover letter, please tell us what we need to know about you in order to meet your work on its own terms—we care a lot more about your identity and where you’re coming from than we care about your credentials or accolades. And we would love to know how you found us! Simultaneous submissions are just fine, but if your work is accepted elsewhere tell us within 24 hours, please.
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