Delmarva Review

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(443) 786-4536
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Delmarva Review is an independent, nonprofit literary journal dedicated to the discovery and publication of compelling new fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction from emerging and established writers. Editors welcome literary submissions from all authors writing in English, regardless of residence. We publish a print edition annually. We also produce an electronic edition to meet other reader preferences. Both editions are available worldwide through and other major online booksellers.

Social Media Platforms Used
Website, Facebook
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Primary Editor/Contact Person
Wilson Wyatt
Contact Title
Executive Editor
essays, fiction, nonfiction, poetry
Representative Authors
Gibbons Ruark, Diane Thiel, Sue Ellen Thompson
Submissions Policy
Delmarva Review welcomes outstanding prose and poetry submissions from all writers, regardless of residence. We read all submissions and try to respond within a month to 30 days following the close of the submission period. Submission dates and guidelines are posted on the website:
Accepts Unsolicited Submissions
Submission Guidelines URL
Simultaneous Submissions Accepted
Reading Period
From 11 / o1 - 03 / 31
Reporting Time
1 - 8 weeks
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Total Circulation
500+ in print edition
Paid Subscriptions
We no longer accept subscriptions, as an annual.
$$18 for an Individual copy
$$18 for an individual copy
Single Copy Price
$$18 for print; $4.99 for e-book
Back Issues Available
Unsolicited Manuscripts Accepted
If Yes, What Percent Of All Unsolicited MSS Are Published
6" - 9"
Average Number Of Pages
Wilson Wyatt
Executive Editor
How Did You Arrive At Your Current Position?
Retired from corporate communications positions, I founded the Delmarva Review with a small group of experienced, and dedicated writers/readers, who, like me, realized that the opportunities for publishing the best writing in print were dwindling.
What Is The Staff Structure At Your Magazine/press?
My staff of ten includes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction editors, as well as a managing editor for publishing and design. We read all submissions and do not charge any reading or publishing fees to writers who submit their best work for consideration
Do You Have Any Cover Letter Advice?
The cover letter should be very brief providing the essential information to contact the writer. We ask for a brief bio in addition to the cover letter, but acceptance is based of the skill of the writing.
How Are Submissions Processed In Your Magazine/press?
The genre editors (for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction) read and recommend submissions to the executive editor for final acceptance.
What Do You Look For In A Submission?
We seek skillful, evocative writing that that will connect emotionally and intellectually with most readers on more than one level, now and in the future.
What Advice Do You Have For First-time Submitters?
1. Consider sending your best work. 2. Pay close attention to the guidelines. 3. Edit your work or have a skilled editor proof your work before submitting to avoid basic errors that could diminish consideration of the content of your writing.
Do You Have A Favorite Unsolicited Submission Discovery Or Anecdote?
- One of our featured published writers had written a novel that he was trying to have published for ten years with no success, and he was discovered by an independent publisher who published his novel.
Who Is Your Ideal Reader?
The ideal reader is one who appreciates reading well-written work and good literature. While the audience for literary publications is often other writers, editors, and teachers, we hope to reach the discerning readers who seek good writing to enjoy.