Nomadic Press

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(510) 500-5162
Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
Through publications, events, and active community participation, Nomadic Press collectively weaves together platforms for intentionally marginalized voices to take their rightful place within the world of the written and spoken word. Through its limited means, we are simply attempting to help right the centuries’ old violence and silencing that should never have occurred in the first place and build alliances and community partnerships with others who share a collective vision for a future far better than today.

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Facebook, Instagram
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Primary Editor/Contact Person
J. K. Fowler
Contact Title
Founder and Executive Director
fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, translation
Representative Authors
Soma Mei Sheng Frazier, Arisa White, MK Chavez
Submissions Policy
Welcome to the Nomadic Press open reading period, which runs from January 1–February 29 unless otherwise announced. No invitations will be accepted outside of this period, though we still may solicit works. We welcome invitations in any language, and we are extremely grateful that you are considering our press as a home for your work. Invitations accepted within this reading period will be published anywhere within a 2-year timeframe from date of submission. WHY “INVITATION?” For years, we have used the “industry”-standard language—submissions. Submit (transative verb): (1) to yield to governance or authority; (2) to present or propose to another for review, consideration, or decision; (3) to put forward as an opinion or contention (intransitive verb): (1) accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person; (2) to permit oneself to be subjected to something; (3) to defer to or consent to abide by the opinion or authority of another Any way you cut it, the word “submit” grates against who we are and what we stand for. It feels inauthentic and violent to continue to use this word. We want to instead offer that this is a process of sending us an invitation—an invitation into relationship, an invitation to work together, an invitation to experience your art with you, an invitation into a space most sacred. We may accept this invitation. We may decline this invitation. Regardless, we are grateful. It is truly an honor to receive an invitation. So we want to simply pause and thank you for considering our press. THE SMALL PRESS REALITY Our reality is that we must decline the invitations of many, some of whom we know and see at community events regularly. This is difficult. We know it is also difficult to receive declines to any invitation. We know this because we, too, are writers and receive numerous declines. A declined invitation may mean it is simply not the right time. It may mean that your work simply does not fit within the scope of what the press is hoping to accomplish in that given year. It may mean any number of incalculable things. We want to offer some advice that can, of course, be freely disregarded: try to send your invitation without expectation or attachment to whether or not the invitation is accepted or declined. There is immense power and beauty in simply extending the invitation. Everything else is so often outside of our control. Resilience is innate. Invitation process described in detail here:
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From 01 / 1 - 2 / 28
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1 - 2 months
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