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Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature is a British literary journal, with a modern focus on travel literature, art, and photography. A panorama is not only what you see in your immediate surroundings. It is also the half-glimpsed, but unprocessed, scenes at the periphery of your vision, an unbroken view. Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature exists to draw attention to every part of the scene, so that we are able to see and hear the images and voices excluded from the conventional, narrow travel narrative. It is an opportunity for us to broaden our horizons, and thus to better understand, and appreciate, the world in which we live. Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature is a visionary effort to bring travel writing into a new age. We publish fresh perspectives in evocative prose. We are modern. We are rebels. We are storytellers who aim to inform and change the landscape of travel writing and photography by celebrating, questioning, and broadening what came before us. We believe that stories and images which show our world should be created by writers and photographers throughout that world. Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature aims to bring a wide worldview to our readers, by gathering a collective of writers, photographers and creatives with varying backgrounds, ethnicities, voices, and identities for each issue, from the well-known to the unheard. A single narrative is but a brush stroke on a page: a painting requires many brushstrokes to show the Technicolor wonder of a place. No one voice is definitive: our rich understanding comes from the synthesis of many. Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature appears online in three issues per year, all accessed easily by readers anywhere in the world: all content is free. We nominate for international awards, such as the Caine Prize, the O Henry Prize, the Millions, the Pushcart Prize, and many more. Our inaugural issue was published in September 2016.

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Matthew Webb
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essays, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, art, translation, audio, video
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We aim to redefine who travels and what travel looks like, as well as to reshape the kinds of journeys–whether real or imagined–that can be narrated through words and images. To us, “travel” is not uniquely a set of experiences and encounters taking place far from home, but also emerges from being attentive to the extraordinary potential of the everyday. In the 21st century, we are all nomads of one kind or another. Panorama exists in order to reflect upon and strengthen that commonality. We publish contemporary, literary-themed travel works of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, illustration, as well as travel-themed photo essays and film stills. We are looking for exquisite, rich, surprising work capable of unbinding readers from their expectations and routines. Make us get lost on a journey in your hometown. Be the verbal cartographer of your own exile. Bring us the fictional realities of characters who take us places we can’t go on our own. Offer us poetry that leaves us stranded in the natural world. Most of all, write evocative, experiential, descriptive prose that takes our readers with you, and confirms our belief in the power of place. We have a particular interest in travel memoir, real or imagined, but we invite memoir with an edge. This is not the place for traditional travel memoir: give us something different. Submissions are encouraged and welcomed from all. We have a special interest in publishing emerging voices and global perspectives. Our masthead is a collective of international writers, artists, and creatives from around the world, and we look for this same spirit in our submissions. We especially encourage those who are outside of traditional publishing opportunities to submit. We assess submissions entirely on a work’s individual merit. Contributing to Panorama is to take part in the mission of what it is: bringing global, quality travel narratives in multiple expressions to an international audience: democratizing a genre. We provide excellent editors from around the world, as well as nominate for literary awards worldwide. Our masthead includes Nobel Peace Prize nominees, Pushcart prize winners, and more. Your work is yours: we simply want the opportunity to share it with a larger audience. For online works, world rights in English only, online only, are ours for a period of three months, after which all rights return to the creator. All world rights in other languages return to the creator at the moment of publication. Panorama must be credited for original publication. Rights for translations vary and are case by case. Book excerpts are also case by case. For open submissions we consider fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and photography that is consistent with the goals and vision of Panorama. While we prefer literary submissions to be original, meaning they cannot have appeared in any form on the internet, or elsewhere in print, we make exceptions for spectacular work for limited sections. We also accept translations, but request first translation rights in English.
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