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Welcome to our endless slumber party. Poetry Trapper Keeper is an online poetry magazine / email newsletter for hot people (if you’re here, you already qualify - so congrats!). Run by Kelly Mullins and Larissa Fantini, it’s a space that celebrates our tween selves, the color pink, and un-precious poetry. Here at PTK, we believe anyone can write poetry. And that a run-on sentence piece about the Kardashians is just as valid as a Shakespearian soliloquy! What is a Trapper Keeper?? If you grew up in the 90’s or 2000’s, you probably had one of these (but might have just called it something different). A Trapper Keeper is a binder that holds all of your stuff - i.e. your schoolwork, lip gloss, secret notes, stickers, etc. For most of us, it was the first item that was TRULY ours to personalize and protect - i.e. our parents were STRICTLY off limits from looking inside. Ok, but what is a Poetry Trapper Keeper?? So, a Poetry Trapper Keeper holds all of those things, plus your poems - obvi!! It’s a space to heal your inner tween, where pink reigns supreme and no poem is too precious not to pass on to your bestie in the back of math class. This Trapper Keeper is just as much yours as it is ours!! We pride ourselves on an expanding, global, hot poets community (35+ countries and counting) and we want you to join in on our poetry dance party! We’re super into using poetry as a mechanism to process our feelings through fast, digital publishing. So, no matter if you’re a poetry baby (who’s never been published before) or a poetry mommy (with a big upcoming book deal), there are 3 main ways you can get “published’ on Poetry Trapper Keeper: 1. Share with PTK: Become a PFF (Poetry Friend Forever) 2. Get Published on PTK: Open Calls & Zines 3. Take Over PTK: Squatters

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Kelly Mullins and Larissa Fantini
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To get featured in our zines, you will have to submit your work to one of our open calls. Here’s what to expect in our submissions process… Before you Submit: Clear announcements on open call timelines, so you can pencil it into your planner well in advance! During the Open Call: Transparency and reliable communication on the status of your piece (i.e. your poem will not be gobbled up by the open call black hole!) If accepted: Open lines of communication and collaboration with the PTK team (i.e. you are actively involved in how we portray your work). Plus, your work will be promoted on our growing Substack newsletter and our instagram page! Once published: Invitations to read at future PTK events and an official “Published Hot Poet” certificate (with all the bragging rights it entails). Submissions are (and always will be) free We will accept any medium of work that can be published in a digital newsletter - i.e. poetry, art, audio, video, essays, erotic fiction, custom GIFs, music, short stories, etc. One submission per person, & one piece of work per submission (this may change in the future) Right now, we're only able to accept work submitted to us in English. Don't put your name or any identifying material on the file you upload - we will be reading everything blind. Aside from keeping things legible, there is no specific formatting criteria. Please try to keep written work under 3 pages, and any audio/video work under 10 minutes long. Remember that we're looking for pieces to highlight in an email newsletter, so we likely won't be publishing your entire novel or short film . We're also cool with collaborative work, just let us know if it's from more than one person. Submissions can be simultaneous, and can be previously published (just let us know if we need to credit the original publisher). If you get selected for publication on PTK, we won't "own" the first rights to your work (like most publications do). We don't believe in owning anyone's creative work for any amount of time. This means, if you get your same work republished elsewhere in the future, we don’t require you to credit us as the original publisher. You can if you want to, but you do you. Either way, all copyright and publication rights of the work will remain yours. Submissions that don't follow these guidelines won't be read or responded to (sorry not sorry). If we decide to accept your work for publication, or if we don’t, you will hear back from us via email within 3 months.
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