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We love books. We’re crazy about books. Period. Yes, we could say that Run Amok exists to fill a hole in this country’s cultural fabric left by corporately-run publishers, who make editorial choices based solely on marketability and bottom line. But we won’t. We’re glad they do, because that gives rise to a need—a need for the mighty small, independent press. The ones who take chances. The ones who fill the gaps and shore up the edges, the fringes, if you will. That’s where we live—the fringes. We tend toward the obscure and the strange, the irreverent and the profane. We love experimental forms and interesting voices. These are the things that matter to us at Run Amok. These are the things we want to bring to readers. And that, friends, is really why we exist.

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Twitter, FaceBook
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Gary Anderson
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Managing Editor
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Submissions Policy
TO SUBMIT: Send a detailed synopsis and table of contents (if you have one), along with the first 25 pp of your finished manuscript to [email protected]. Please send these 3 documents as doc, docx, or pdf files, and send them as attachments. Please put your name somewhere in the document names, so we can determine who the document belongs to without having to open it. We will respond with an initial e-mail to let you know we have received your submission. A final decision can take anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months. Apologies for that, but we are a small press and our staff and resources are limited. ACCEPTANCE: Please be aware that we will take the quality of the manuscript into account while we are reviewing it. If we feel it is not ready to publish as is (or close to it), we may reject it. If we love the book and feel that it’s ready to publish (or close to it), we’ll begin negotiating a contract with the author. At that time, we will also discuss author’s royalty rates, as well as the publishers and authors responsibilities for getting the book to press.
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Titles In Print
Animal Magnet, Best of All Possible Worlds, Suckle, Vicious Dogs, Jackass Letters, Incunabulae, The Abundant Life, Frida Sex Dreams and Other Unnerving Disruptions, The Green Ghetto, The Life Story of a Chilean Blob and Other Matters of Importance, Stealing the Scream, Our Baby Was Born Premature, Anna Eva Mimi Adam, The Gimmick, Lying Bastard, Ghost Atlas, Under the Table, Jacked, Scratching the Flint, Time Will Break the World