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The Song Bridge Project is a nonprofit publisher of literary translations. Based in Iowa City, The Project is dedicated to discovering, publishing, and distributing the best English-language translations of important poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, alternative genre, and book art. Our mission focuses on providing greater access to world literature through translation, while complementing existing journals of both world literature and literary translation. We publish English translations of world literature from all languages, though our tradition emphasizes translations of works of Spanish language origin. We are committed to a collaborative translation process, and work closely with emerging and established authors, translators, and visual artists to ensure the aesthetic integrity of each publication. Our poetry books are bilingual, featuring an en face format, allowing our readers to experience the poetics of both languages. Organized in 2020 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), The Song Bridge Project, through our publications and educational programming, weaves human connections among our diverse authors, translators, and readers, spanning the countries and cultures of the world. The Project is a proud member of an influential community of small, independent presses devoted to nurturing the art of literary translation.

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William Blair
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Submissions Policy
The Song Bridge Project welcomes submissions from most literary traditions and genre, translated from all languages. Our emphasis is on quality, both of the original work and the translation. We pride ourselves on our collaborative editorial environment, and welcome the contributions of our authors and translators to the process. We accept submissions of previously unpublished, translated books of poetry, prose poetry, novels, creative nonfiction, short story collections, and book art projects. Submissions must include both the original language version, as well as the English translation. When considering our press for submission, please recall that we have a tradition of and maintain an emphasis on Spanish language literature. Further, we are inclined to nurture emerging authors and translators. Therefore, we discourage submissions of re-translations of previously published works, unless the submission is of unusual scholarly or literary merit. Further, anthologies and chapbooks in translation are special challenges—we recommend contacting us prior to formally submitting your proposal. Our press accepts submissions throughout the calendar year, from 1 January to 31 December. We appreciate the submissions of authors and translators and will do our very best to provide you with an editorial response within 3 months. To submit, please send an email to [email protected], with the following items: A cover letter not to exceed 1000 words, indicating the name of the author/poet, the name of the translator, biographical information for both, a description of the work positioning it within literary traditions, and, finally, a section that addresses the relevance and importance of the work. At least 30 pages of translated text for prose submissions For poetry, we prefer full book manuscripts Documents must be in Microsoft Word format. Please name the attachments: Author Last Name Cover Letter, Author Last Name Sample (ex. García Cover Letter) We accept electronic, simultaneous, and unsolicited manuscripts, but we do not accept self-translations.
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The Island of the Songs, The Other Island of the Songs, Lichen, The Eligible Age, Great Vilas, Listen to Me, Exchanges 30 Anniversary Issue