Directory of Publishers

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1913 Press

Founded in 2003 by l’editrice Sandra Doller, 1913 a journal of forms & 1913 Press are committed to publishing the baddest in poetry, poetics, prose, & their intersections with the…

2 Bridges Review

The celebrated East River Bridges (Two Bridges) -- the Brooklyn and the Manhattan -- connect downtown Brooklyn with downtown Manhattan. Between these bridges a community of writers and artists has…

3 Hole Press

3 HOLE PRESS is a home for performance in book form and everyday life. We publish titles and offer programs that expand our understanding of being together.

32 Poems

Poetry for the ear, the eye, and the ego.

53rd State Press

53rd State Press publishes lucid, challenging, and lively new writing for performance. Our catalog includes new plays as well as scores and notations for interdisciplinary performance, graphic adaptations, and essays…

805 Lit + Art

805 Lit + Art is an online, international literary journal published by a public library in Florida. 805 seeks to publish debut and emerging writers, poets, and artists and to…

A Gathering of the Tribes

Located on the Lower East Side of New York City, Tribes has been in existence since 1991. In that year, Steve Cannon, poet, playwright, novelist, and retired professor from the…

A Public Space

A Public Space seeks work that is brave and unexpected. We are interested in writing that uncovers the extraordinary in the everyday, provides a rare glimpse, exposes an unexpected truth,…

A Strange Object

Founded in 2012, A Strange Object is a women-run, fiction-focused press in Austin, Texas. The press champions debuts, daring writing, and good design across all platforms. Its titles are distributed…

aaduna, Inc.

aaduna seeks to uncover new and emerging talent; build a relationship with those individuals; work with them to transition their creative ideas to publication, and then offer aaduna artists ongoing…

About Place Journal

Black Earth Institute, the publisher of About Place Journal, is a progressive think-tank dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society. We encourage awareness of the…

Abraxas/Abraxas Press, Inc.

Abraxas Press, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization publishing the magazine Abraxas. Our primary mission is to foster contemporary poetry of the highest quality, presenting work by both…

Acre Books

Acre Books, the book-publishing offshoot of The Cincinnati Review, aims to build on the excellence that its parent publication has become known for. Like CR, our small press will focus…

Action Books

Both US and international poetry in translation. Poetry that goes too far.

Adelaide Books

ADELAIDE BOOKS LLC is a New York-based independent company dedicated to publishing literary fiction and creative nonfiction. It was founded in July 2017 as an imprint of the Adelaide Literary…

Adelaide Literary Magazine

We publish literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and promote the writers we publish, helping both new, emerging, and established authors reach a wider literary audience.

Adolphus Journal

Adolphus Press publishes poetry, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art/photography. We specialize in helping emerging artists and unknown writers advance in the literary world. We seek work that astounds and moves…

Adolphus Press

Adolphus Press publishes poetry, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art/photography. We specialize in helping emerging artists and unknown writers advance in the literary world. We seek work that astounds and moves…

African Voices Communications

African Voices, a non-profit arts organization, is devoted to presenting art, literature and film by artists of color.

After Happy Hour Review

The After Happy Hour Review is an online journal produced by members of the Hour After Happy Hour Writing Workshop. We gravitate towards work that is quirky, accessible, and unconventional.…


Our mission statement: AGNI is an arts organization committed to nurturing a vital cultural conversation by (1) publishing a twice-yearly magazine and twice-monthly web magazine that test the edges of…

Airlie Press

We are a nonprofit publishing collective dedicated to cultivating and sustaining fine contemporary poetry. We produce beautiful and compelling books by Pacific Northwest poets; our mission is to offer writers…

Akashic Books

Brooklyn-based independent company dedicated to publishing literary fiction, crime fiction, and nonfiction.


Akikiro is an online literary magazine publishing short fiction and poetry of high quality in English. We welcome submissions from established and emerging writers from all over the world. Our…