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SplitLevel Texts
  • Type of organization
  • Phone
    (734) 255-1083
  • Web address
  • Social media platforms used
  • Mission Statement / Editorial Focus
    Split Level Texts: why “Texts”: why “Split Level Texts,” that is, not that we are not interested in genre, but we are not interested in saying strictly, this one, this one we love MOST (id est, poetry) cannot contain others: are we children of the theory wars: yes and we were born on the side that loved capacity and textuality even in the earth: and what about hybridity: yes, but more important more to our essence: do we look to darwin and raise a glass to hybrid vigor: yes, very much more than probably yes : so why “Level”: do we see things as balanced: of course and also of course not: oh, so is that what the “Split” is about then: do we see the balance out of balance: yes: so what about “Split Level”: have we ever lived in one: have you?
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  • Primary editor/Contact person
    Aaron McCollough
  • Contact title
  • Focus
    We publish poetry and poetics. We publish established authors and occasionally, but rarely, first books.
  • Submissions policy
    We accept unsolicited submissions, but we tend to publish primarily solicited works.
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  • Number of Books Published per Year
  • Titles in Print
  • Average Print Run

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